Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joi Learns to Sell

My coaches taught me how to put in good pictures to sell. They taught me how to write a good description to sell. They taught me how to add a border for interest to sell. My advice for future students is to just keep researching until you can find something to sell that you can make money on. I feel good about selling some stuff, finally. The good thing is that I did learn to sell things though.

Joi F.

Mark Feels Good About eBay Experience

My coach has helped by providing support, feedback, and recommendations.  He trained  me to accurately estimate shipping charges - even with the help of online postal services. My advice to future students follow the guidelines from the courses and coaches and ask as many questions as necessary. I feel very well about my eBay experience.

Mark B.

Coach Motivates DeAnna

My coach kept me motivated. When I started I was absolutely lost. Now I can move around eBay with ease, knowing what to do and if not I know how to get answers. Just keep working at it. It may not come or happen fast. But keep at it, you will succeed. I'm loving it

DeAnna P.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kurt is Good to Go

Ben pushed me hard to get this site created and good to go. He was knowledgeable and a great reference to keep me moving along. He was always upbeat and positive during times when I may have been confused or frustrated. Ben really took the time and had the answers to get me through the process.
Not being very technical was the first obstacle and then getting an understanding of how it all worked made me feel confident.
Keep with it! It seems like a really large task at first, but the coaches and tools get you through it. The hands on - although a challenge at times - makes you really learn how to do it, so you develop a skill rather than just a broad stroke knowledge.

Kurt J.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dan Says Web Site is Worth the Effort

I wanted to write you this letter to thank you...for helping me to build my website.  I have learned a lot during the entire process.  It has been a longer process than I first anticipated, but now that my web site is up and running, it has been worth all the effort I have put into it. You have been very helpful in coaching and guiding me along the way, your expertise and knowledge have been very valuable to me and have taught me a great deal about this new venture. 

Thank you so much

Dan S.

Anika Encourages Students to Not Give Up

My first coach, Kit, was very helpful and easy to get along with.
My second coach, Bryan, has been very helpful with great communication skills, he also has a lot of patience. Don't give up. Take your assignments one at a time if need be. Keep in communication with your coach every week, emails, chats, or phone calls.

Anika J.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nathaniel Finds Coach Very Helpful

This is a new experience; I have never worked with a web builder software before. It was a learning experience. My coach, Rob, was very helpful; he was kind and patient with me. I would eagerly wait for Rob’s weekly calls. I don’t have a lot of computer knowledge. I have learned a little bit of how [the] builder works, this may help me make minor changes in the web site. This is very helpful.

Nathaniel W.