Friday, December 11, 2009

Linda Gets Help to Overcome Obstacles

I just had my first sale on eBay with a profit of $15.99. Team 2 has been very helpful. During the program so far I have overcome many obstacles. Trying to absorb and retain all of the info. and remember where to find it when I need it. Stay diligent, know you will learn it all, and think positive. Novalty collectibles, jewelry I have alot to learn!!

Linda S.

John Finds Help Selling on eBay

I have had 6 sales on eBay so far with a profit of $144. Team 2 has made big difference in my selling ways...[and]...What to look for when I'm going to sell a similar item. My advice would be to just listen to what the instructor is saying. Cars, Furs, DVD Games I like eBay very much.

John G.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quentin Stays on Track With Thrive Learning Institute

I have made my first eBay sale for $127.42. My coaches are always trying to keep me on track with completing my assignment and answer questions that I may have with suggestions. I don't think that I have overcome any obstacles yet, but just getting the experience of having an item of mine being bid on and sold-which was a good feeling. Future Students be ready to get uncomfortable-take the chance to hopefully make the necessary changes in their life. It is scary. I sold a used gas motorized scooter.


Wendy Gets Support From Thrive Coach

[I have made] 3 eBay sales for $37.51. My coach has been there to support me and give me instruction and advice to help me understand what I am supposed to do. I have learned that there is a lot more to ebay than meets the eye. Future students, hang in there, especially if you have never done this before, it can be overwhelming to start with, but if you stick with it, it is totally worth it. The coaches are awesome and they are always there to help. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I have sold 2 video games and 1 movie. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but once I got going it is a pretty awesome experience.

Wendy M.

Thrive Makes eBay a Fun and Rewarding Experience For Cheryl

[I've made] 14 eBay sales for $81.80 Charity has been very supportive & helpful. She has offered many suggestions & always has a positive attitude. I have made some mistakes with my listings. I've learned that "Like New" isn't an acceptable phrase in a title. I've also learned that Classified Ads are expensive & not a good way to go. I listed an item that way by mistake & it was a costly error. New students just need to have patience. The program is a road map to success. All you need is time & patience. I feel very positive about Thrive & my coach. I know I wouldn't have had near the success with my listings without the training I've received. eBay is not for rookies!!! I have sold 2 Books & a coin. I am excited about selling on eBay. Ive had good success so far, & feel confident [that] my sales will grow with my experience. I have learned so much from my coach & from my lessons that eBay has become a fun & rewarding experience.

Cheryl K.

Fan Marches Forward With Thrive Learning Institute

I would rate my coaching experience a 10. It is absolutely wonderful. When you go to any school, in your classroom, there you have one teacher and a lot of students, when you have a question, either you have to wait in line till your turn or you have to solve the problem yourself, I just can't believe that in this program with one student and a lot of teachers. In this team of coaches, they are there when I need them, they are very patient with me and solve my problems. They are just a whole bunch of wonderful coaches. I'm Chinese and a computer beginner, English is my second language and I never learned a thing about computers, most of my knowledge is self taught with a bit of help from my daughter, a lot of things in this computer I just don't know .. period. My team of coaches gives me step-by-step written instructions (like John), or calls me on the phone and shows me how to do it directly on the computer (like Tyler). I feel very lucky. Right now I have an item (which is from a Website) for sale on eBay. I didn't even know I can do that, never mind how to do it. For the next couple of days, I'll try to put more things on eBay for sale. I'm very excited and look forward to building my own Website. In the beginning I was a bit afraid. Being away from school for almost 30 years, I wasn't to sure whether I could do it or not, but now, I'm full of confidence, looking ahead and just marching forward with team 2.

Fan A.

Danny is Ready to Thrive in Business

...I've grossed 72.83 on ebay so far and I feel really enthusiastic about the program. I'm learning things that I haven't learned before and I'm glad that I made this investment. Something like this follows you for the rest of your life. I'm happy to be learning so much at such a ripe age. Team 2a you guys have been doing a great job helping me out. I'm already setting up my business entity and I'm even beginning to act more like a business man. Thanks guys and keep up the good support.

Danny T.

Barbara Thanks Thrive Coaches For Helping Her Succeed

I would like to take a moment to thank each & every one of you in helping me to get my Internet Marketing business off the ground. Since I didn’t know anything about the Internet & where to start, you have been able to provide me with your expertise knowledge in assisting me in getting my Blog...set up as well as the other tools needed that goes along with the blog. I appreciate your continued support in helping me to become successful in my business.

Barbara P.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Michelle Learns to Sell and Thrive on eBay

Prior to this round of ebay selling I did not have a lot of success with ebay... The research background...helped open my eyes to ebay as a marketplace for products I had in inventory that were going nowhere. I [now] have a better understanding of ebay, my inventory and the value... The biggest obstacle is [the financial] investment to start and grow a business -- when you are strapped for money to begin with, investing more of what you don't have becomes extremely stressful. Lack of initial success. Theory is if you throw enough money at something it will eventually work. Reality is different. My returns were minimal compared to the amount I invested and by bills were getting bigger by the month. Vision is another obstacle -- keep your ambitions to the scale of your budget; and, stay focused. When you have an urgent need for cash there is a temptation to jump to the next best thing never completing what you originally started. Technical expertise -- I hate to count the money I wasted on arrogant web developer who overcharged and underdelivered for the services I procured. Either learn web skills or do a prepackage blog. You must have commitment or don't bother Focus! Focus! Focus! Get a clear picture in your mind of what you want to do before starting Realistically assess your financial status for investment in your business Explore your technical options to market your product/idea (website,blog) Research your marketing options thoroughly – READ! READ! READ! Beware of Consultants talking a good game on [the] phone w/ fine print contracts Buy lotsa Rolaids! Don't [lose] the faith!

Michelle D.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bob and Sally Enjoy Working With Thrive Learning Institute

Bob and Sally made 2 sales for $626.42. “At the point of finishing our site where the homepage was built and all we basically needed was product pages and product, we had a lot of fun, Thrive couldn't have made this step any easier. It's like finally finding a new house you've been looking for, for months, and finally getting to move in. Adding product to your store is like adding furniture and such to your new house, putting things away and in their proper places so they can be found easily. The Reactive Team was great to work with, and because of their high standards, our site looks the way it does today. Our experience has been a lot of fun, very challenging and very stressful at times, and I know we've come out of our comfort zone a couple dozen times, but all in all without the coaching of each and everyone of you at Thrive we would have given up long ago. Thanks to all of you for being so patient and helpful. The marketing phase has been fun so far, as soon as our site review came through, our coaches were sending us the info needed to start marketing(you guys don't waste any time). There is a lot to do yet, and there is no doubt in our minds that our coaches will be there to keep us on track. There were many obstacles, only because Bob and I knew very little about navigating around on a computer. It's half the reason it's been so much fun, because of all the things we've learned. and we both spend hours on the computer and our site, tweaking things and moving things around, because we know how, and because we can. [Advice to future students] patients, patients, patients most of all don't give up! trust your coach and your instincts and do the best you can believe in yourself and don't lose sight of what you are after. And you will get there.”

Bob and Sally R.

Thrive Coaches Encouraged Paula

[I have made] 3 eBay sales for $82. My coaches have been very helpful and encouraging, I haven't really needed any one on one advice so far, but my weekly contact has helped me to stay focused. I have even managed to list and sell a couple of items that didn't seem to be very popular according to my research, but it just shows how far a strong listing can take you. I'm inclined to procrastinate and this has been by far the biggest obstacle. I'm working very long hours and am constantly tired, it's very tempting to just put it off until tomorrow, then I'm under pressure to complete the steps before my deadline. However I'm encouraged by the fact that all 3 items I have listed have sold. I've got the bug now, I have to find more items! Plus it's starting to feel like fun and not work which is a big plus. Future Students: Just do it! It's satisfying, interesting and a...sight easier than working for a living. I have sold a Nintendo Console for $40.00, An electric manicure kit for $24.00, and a black dress for $18.00. I'm very excited, it is becoming addictive, I'm constantly looking at things and thinking "Could I sell that at a profit?" It's taking over my life!

Paula O.

Thrive Teaches Kenny Strategies and Tips

[I had] 3 eBay sales for $186. My coach has helped me to understand more about postage costs. I was needing help with handling the possible difference in shipping costs posted in my listing in correlation to the actual shipping costs from the dropshipper. Tyler helped in the beginning by pointing out that my email address was a bit too out of the ordinary and that some sellers use gmail, so I got me a new gmail address. New Students: Keep your optimism strong while digesting all you can about strategy and procedures. A good idea or breakthrough could be just around the next corner. I have...sold a Dehydrator, corner sander, and two polo shirts. I have noticed that the wholesale prices are comparable to some of the retail prices, but I will eventually learn how to pull a good profit. As in everything, there are strategies and tips to be learned.

Kenny H.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thrive Coaches Kept Bob and Sally Going

Our Dropship website is When Bob and I started this web site we had very little knowledge of navigating around on a computer, the coaches and the coaching they have given us has been fantastic! you guys are so patient and so understanding yet very honest and straight forward. And our emails or phone calls were always answered promptly. Our experience as a whole has been very challenging but at the same time a lot of fun. And we owe what we know to our coaches. ...coming out of our comfort zone and learning to navigate around on a computer. I have to admit there were a lot of times we wanted to throw in the towel and give up, we didn't feel we had what it took to build a site, but again, the encouragement of our coaches and the desire to have an internet business, kept us going. Our words of encouragement...hang in there, trust your coach and your instincts, and don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's how you learn.

Bob and Sally R.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thrive Teaches Henry to Sell on eBay

[I had] 8 eBay sales for 95.82. My coaches explained the importance of a good description and the use of all characters on the product title. I have liked learning from my own postings and working with the tools. I also am understanding that the market place is ever changing...It seems like a lot of information at first but it gets easier. I have sold [computer mice], dog leashes, keyboard, luggage carrier, [and a] lotion dispenser. I see a lot of potential.

Henry M.

Thrive Learning Gives Dev a New Perspective

It was great fun building the blogspot. Writing the articles loomed as a large obstacle ahead, but I was amazed at how quickly they took shape and then the joy I felt when ezinearticles accepted them - and me as an expert author! My coach Nate helped me to arrange the heading words so that they fitting in with my blog title. That one "little tip" just helped me to get a greater perspective on how the whole thing fits together. Definitely a light bulb moment. It was so much easier than I could have imagined - the tips and guidance made a real difference. Also watching various videos through the course helps build up a bigger picture of what this is all about. Certainly a lot of things that were just terms I had often seen, now became something that had a purpose and meaning and I found out what to do and why it was important to do it! Just keep going. Sometimes it may seem tedious, but there is a lot of planning and implementation that needs to be done. I know for myself that I often just want to get to the finish line in a hurry, but you need to slow done and take in the scenery on the way. The little things need to click into place before the big things begin to happen.

Des J.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kathleen Says Keep at it and Listen to the Thrive Coaches

My overall experience has been wonderful. Team 2 has lots of new information. They have kept me on track and motivated. Deadlines are important. All the coaches answered my questions. Being able to call in when I had a problem is awesome. Don't like "live chat", but it sure does work well. The team always got back to me when I called. Found the "right" way to build a site, not just one that looks good. The coaches were detailed in their suggestions...not just "do it better" but "do this", and here is why and how. Keep at it. Be persistent. Listen to the coaches. Ask questions. Spend the time needed.

Kathleen H.

Kim Says Stick With the Thrive Program

I have had 3 sales on eBay with a profit of $19.63. My coaches have directed me to different resources on ebay and in the community to find items, helped me with the ads I did and giving feedback. Charity has been very supportive. I don't have a digital camera, so have to take items over to a neighbor to get pictures done, that slows me down because I need to do it according to their schedule. I have a lot of fears and am really starting from scratch, never having been on ebay before...Just stick with the program and trust them. They have more experience and have had success, and can teach you success too...I am learning the process all the way through, from posting items to fulfillment.

Kim A.

Jacky Guided by Thrive Coaches

I just made my first eBay sale! I sold a handbag for $8. My coaches have answered my questions and guided me through the selling process. I am looking forward to continued learning on eBay. My advice to future students is to work on it a little every day.

Jacky L.

Susan Encourages Others to Use Thrive Learning Institute

2 Sales on eBay for $4.49. So far so good, my coach has helped me with questions I have had about shipping charges. Also on what I can add when I want to give information on the product I want to sell. I have my coaches guiding me. I would have been too nervous to do this on my own. I was told how to add shipping charges if customer wants item faster than I listed. I encourage anyone who wants to make some extra money on the side to take advantage of this program. You will always have a coach on hand to call anytime & online chat when you have any questions. Never give up because you are not alone. This program has helped me right from the start & has always been there for me. I have sold 2 dvd's. I felt very good once I listed a product & even more once they sold.

Susan A.