Friday, May 29, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Provides Excellence on Every Level

"Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement." - Peter Drucker

It is well said that nothing is possible without grounded knowledge of the things in which you want to excel. Be it just passing an examination or truly succeeding in a business venture, you require amazing stamina and strength and necessary knowledge to face the tough competition. Especially to conquer in business, one has to be on his toes twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Right from launching his business to spreading it wider, everything requires careful planning and implementation. Having quality training is very helpful in this regard and Thrive Learning Institute delivers on every level.

There are many online learning institutes cropping up. No doubt more numbers of such institutes are the sign of growing awareness among people about the necessity of such training. But it is necessary to choose the right institution that will personally train you to handle every situation in business online. Thus, even you can build your own highly profitable business with the help of experts how have been there and who now want to give back.

That's why the institutes like Thrive Learning Institute are said to possess expert faculties to deal with major and minor issues of business training. Gaining confidence to carry on any business and turn it into a revenue abode is very important. So, even if you have launched a website, it is necessary to promote it professionally so that the site traffic increases and you increase the chances of better sale figures.

There are many ways to promote a site like articles writing and submitting to directories, email list building, search engine optimization, starting a business blog, advertising on social networking sites, submitting the website to various search engines, etc. but each of these ways to convert your website into money-vending machine, requires expertise and with expert help, it can be done faster and skillfully. That''s why the Thrive learning institute is said to engage its students in such training that helps them sort out difficult business problems.

Nowadays, internet consultancy is more popular because of its easier access all over the world. The students sitting in their homes can avail the benefits of these training sessions after enrolling by the authority. Even working people can avail the benefits in their free time. So, if you just have an internet connection to your computer, getting trained in the business world is no more an impossible task. It is rather easier job with the institutes like thrive. No doubt, you will soon reach the number one slot in your business!

Thrive Learning Institute is an institute that runs specific programs for business students to provide them internet consulting and learning in order to create or boost their business profits.

Thrive Learning Institute Leads John to Success


I would like to say that it is a great program and I know it will turn out to be a great investment. The numbers will tell the story eventually.

I love the videos and benchmarks as well as the live webinars. The website proved to be more labor intensive than I thought and so I am not as far as long as I would like to be with all the training. It seems there is room for improvement in the builder - such as being able to more easily import the products into the pages.

For me though, the builder is a tremendous help to be able to build web pages without having to use code (html, etc.). The coaches are very knowledgeable, pleasant and most helpful. You have a great team!

I have been led step by step in completing the website. I take advantage of my time on the phone with the coaches and ask as many questions as I can think of in anticipation of getting to the next step after I complete the current step. Needless to say there would be no website without Thrive Learning Institute! Thanks Tyler.

Thank you,

Lynn and Bill Bring in $340 Last Week

Hello from Lynn and Bill,

We want to thank team 2A for all your help so far in our business progress with Thrive Learning Institute. Our computer skills are certainly a lot less than some, so our progress might be a little slower than some, but you have been encouraging and helpful in every discussion we have had with you. We are on the brink of finding our niche and with your help, we feel confident that within a very short period of time, we will be on our way to a successful business.

We knew nothing about e-bay when we began and have grown by leaps and bounds in that part of our business having a $340.00 week last week, just with things we had around the house. Yea. Thanks for all your training and help. We haven't even begun thinking about selling Thrive's websites !!! We see a very bright future and supplement to our retirement through Thrive Learning Institute and team 2A.

Thank You

Lynn Weddle and Willard Willems

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lowell Praises Thrive Learning Institute's Curriculum

Dear Thrive,

Thank you for your response and continued support. This is all new to me and I need all the help I can get. I have some answers to your questions.

I would like to commend the Thrive Institute for a very well thought out teaching program. When I was teaching at Midland College, I sat on the Curriculum Studies Board for the Occupational/Technical Division Courses for the Drafting Department. At the time, I was the Head of the Drafting/Reproduction Department for a major oil company and allowed to organize and write my own courses to teach.

Your Benchmarks are a well thought out, stepped, progressive series of studies that helps tremendously for newcomers like me. They immediately get the student thinking about Internet sales, product sources and the steps to use them to be successful. The Coaching is there like a teacher would be in a class ready to help and answer questions.

To date I have sold 15 items on eBay for $138.26 and have 9 more items in auctions now. I have received 11 positive feedbacks for these sold items so far. I know that is not much, but it is exciting for me.

One of the most positive changes for me is looking every day for different product sources as I go around my daily routes of inspecting. Local auctions, second hand stores, resale shops, garage sales and surplus stores catch my eye and make me think how I could make money off items there by selling them on the internet.

I know I have a long way to go, but a long journey begins with the first step!
Thanks again and have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.


Keith makes $7,000 on ebay!

Hello T.,
I am sorry that I have not written back to you until now. I am so busy trying to get the 1st web site up and going and with my normal job. Any how, I would recommend the system for anyone who wants to get rid of a great deal of stuff that is in the house, and garage. It really helps put things into the proper category and be able to move things fast. It helps you to go through different stages and be able to save some money, at the same time you are making money.

I have never dealt with EBay until I was introduced to it through the Jeff Paul Program. The bench marks and the videos are great. The team support is great and they do their job by pushing you to the next step. You need to have that when you have a very busy life, such as myself. When I first started with the eBay, I thought that it would be a fast money generator. It really took some research and some time in order to be able to rank your adds up at the top so every one see's yours first. But after a few adds, you get the hang of it.

Please keep in mind, once you start putting things on the listings, you have another job, a very demanding one. People want you to respond and respond fast to their questions on your items. So do not take it lightly... This is a serious thing to take on. I would say that with the training that I received from the Jeff Paul system, it made this much easier to do. But you have to put this as a top priority, other wise you will loose the sales.

Also you asked how much I have made....$ 7,000.00 roughly. I had a great deal of things that I could get rid of around the house. Not everyone will have the same stuff, so the amount that you can make will be different for every one.

I look forward to being able to meet Jeff and saying thank you when I tell him that I am making $100,000.00 or more per month. I look forward to that day. Thanks so much Team 3.

The web site program is great. It gives you all of the tools that you need to do the job. If you know nothing about the web, this will help you with all of the in's and out's. I can't wait till I get the program down, so that I can post web sites for a living instead of beating myself to death trying to make a dollar in the rat race. No one should have to do that, but that is life for now....For NOW.... Not later, thanks to the program.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"This is good..."

Hello everyone,

I just listed more balloons this evening when I got home- and I just sold them on Ebay already.

I am still looking for wholesaler for balloons.

I came across one called "Cheap Sales Mall".
I have to pay $30, a one time fee for the wholesale catalog.

I just want to make sure, Ebay says there are many wholesalers on the internet that are not actually wholesalers, but they really are the middle man between the wholesaler & retailer.
I am just being cautious.

But I got to get balloons & fast... I may sign up w/Cheap Sales Mall.

My sales within this week have reach $106.08 and that is not including the 2 items I have bids on.

This is good..

Ebay Success in "...very few hours..."

As a total "newbie" to eBay, I was rather apprehensive about the whole thing--but after I had studied the Tutorials (many times on replay) I began to see that the whole world is out there waiting!

I listed 7 items and sold 2 of them within a very few hours -- the Just The Right Shoe Purse Display and and the JTRS Spiral Staircase. Both listed at auction and Buy Now for $100.00 each with free shipping, and the customers (2) jumped on them so fast I was amazed. Since the listing expired after the 7-day time frame, the lady who bought the Spiral Staircase loved it and has asked via email to purchase the second one I have and as soon as PayPal receives payment, it will be on its way to her. The lady who bought the Purse Display thanked me via email, and was so happy she had found another one (she has one and had searched for a very long time for another one.)

I am delighted that I had this positive experience; and they both said they gave me positive feedback!!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

"The best aspect of this course is the one-on-one experience"

Dear Consultant Team 1C,

I have learned so much the last few weeks from all of you at Team1C. I never thought it would be so involved in setting up an on-line store. To tell you the truth I love the challenge and the opportunity to work with all of you. You make it so easy to learn and the advice that you give is by far the best I have seen.

The e-library is loaded with knowledge on how to succeed in this highly competitive field. I would strongly recommend anyone that has the desire to have an on-line business should consider this course.

The best aspect of this course is the one-on-one experience. You get to ask questions and you get answers, .............. no fooling around.

The one thing I keep in mine is that if it was easy everyone would do it!! But if you work hard and with the support of my Team I CAN succeed.

Don P.

Masters Degree Raves about Thrive's Teaching

Dear Tyler and all Team 1C Coaches,

When I decided to take on this venture with Thrive Learning Institute, I had no idea how much I would learn! I have always been a student and love to learn. Wow, have I learned a lot!

From setting up a business to building a website, and optimizing web pages, every step of the way you all have been there to guide me. I have really enjoyed this incredible journey.

Your commitment to my success is so appreciated. Thank you for your continued support and for always making me feel capable and important. I know that you are so busy helping many people, but you have always taken time to encourage me and answer all of my questions.

I have a masters degree in education and have been teaching for twenty five years. So I think I know how to judge teaching. You all are excellent teachers! Now I am ready to reap the benefits of my (our) labor! And you, my friends, should feel a real sense of accomplishment as you help people learn to help themselves!

Blessings to you all!
Stephanie A.

"Thank you Thrive for changing my life."

Hi Drew,

I am writing you today to share my experience with you regarding my completion of Version 1.0. When I started building my website, I have to be honest, I thought, "What have I gotten myself into?". It was a little over my head and I started feeling a little overwhelmed. But these feelings were short lived.

The coaching Team (A) was nothing but understanding, hugely attentive and so supportive and empathetic, I may add. They shared with me some of there overwhelming experiences and how they conquered them. I have gained an enormous amount of experience building this website. As a matter of fact, I have shocked myself. I have kind of shunned the latest technology, but this experience has led me to embrace it.

I went around and around regarding my domain name. Not having ever done this before, I wasn't even sure how to go about it. The coaching team gave me suggestions and even referred companies that designed logos. It took about three weeks, but with the support and encouragement from the Team, we were all extremely satisfied with the outcome.

I would tell anyone thinking about doing this to GO FOR IT!! I have gained a confidence I have never experienced before, and am so excited about what is yet to come.

Thank you Thrive for changing my life.

Joan D.