Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Student As He Reaches Over $1000 in sales

Hello Rob,

We have had a total of $1111.54 in gross sales. That is from Jan 24 through May 15. We had 11 sales in that time.I have not had a sale since May 15. I have had a profit of about $200 dollars, but that is not including any expenses.

T. F.

"J" Grosses $4,000 with the help of Thrive Learning Institute

Greetings to the Marketeers at Thrive Learning Institute,

Last September when I embarked on this endeavor, I never expected to have a website up and doing the things [my website] is doing. It has a page rank of 1 and for most of its keywords can be found on the first couple of pages of Google. It also has a strong showing on MSN and Yahoo. It has grossed just over $4,000.00 in sales .

[my website] did well through the Christmas holiday and despite the economic downturn has continued to sell as late as this morning when I sold my latest bow hunters Ghillie.

I have enjoyed the benefit of some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, from the coaches, the support team, the reactive team, and of course Marketing. I anticipate a profitable year for [my company] which Thrive Learning Institute has helped me build.
- J

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Clients Overcome Obstacles

Dear Tyler,

Thank you for your call. I am about 6 weeks into the program now. I had a website already in place. So much of the work was to get it redone. I have found the team to be very courteous and friendly and helpful. When I have called them they have gotten back to me fairly promptly. I must say that I am learning a new language in all this. I am a perfectionist and I have put a lot of energy into this to get it right.

As far as obstacles overcome I would say learning something new is always stressing. I have been learning new software for the site, new language and in general new insights. I find it very fascinating and interesting.

For new students I would say, take each step and complete it and try not to get overwhelmed. There is so much to learn, but I must say the team has made it so much easier. Thank You Thrive Learning Institute.

Dr. JT

Monday, June 15, 2009

Greg Gets a $1300 Sale With Thrive Learning Institute's Help

It sold for $1,299.99. I stand to make about $45.00 on the deal....however it is such
a rush when you put the work in and get the reward ! Thanks Guys...
Like I said I am going to post 5-7 items a week.,..7 items going up this weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lowell Keeps Profiting with Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,
WOW! Since launching my eBay Store last week, my sales really jumped by the end of the week!

These items netted me about $160.00.

They were bidding like crazy!
One thing I learned quickly. A store will keep you busy. It's fun, but I think I am ready to go into the next level of drop shippers.
Will you assign me some homework to keep me on track or what? Please let me know.
Thanks. Lowell

Kimberly Wins Big With Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great training. I like the fact that I can go my own speed on the videos (which can also be a bad thing too - procrastination). Anyway, I posted and sold 4 items on eBay . I netted $260 on these 4 sales. I can't wait to post my next item on eBay Motors. There are a lot of videos to watch but I am definitely learning from each one of them.

Thanks - Kimberly

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Celebrates with Guylene

I want to thank Grant, Natasha, Matt, John, and Drew for all the great support they have given me. I never could have done this with out your help. You all are wonderful.!!!!!

You all can celebrate with me, I sold two bird cages this week-end!!! My first sales, I was so excited.....I sold a large wrought iron dome cage 41x28x72 and a Corner wrought iron cage 37x27x63....Wahooooo.

Again I want to personally thank each and every one of you. You all do a great job.
I know I'm not done needing your help, but I feel like I can do anything with your help. Thanks again to you all.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lowell Soaring with Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

I had another successful sales week on Ebay!I ended up for the month with 35 items sold for $301.45 total sales and a net sales of $242.42!!!!

On Sunday I listed another 31 items so I could have more inventory to open my eBay Store on Monday, 6/1/09. I did this successfully at the Basic Store level and went into Manage My Store to list categories for my 41 items. I signed up for Selling Manager and Sales Reports Plus also. I will be adding more inventory to my store the remainder of the week.

This was neato (Old '60's phrase!) and I appreciate all of your help!



Friday, June 5, 2009

Debra Is Ecstatic As She Gets Her First Sales With Thrive Learning Institute's Help

Hi Thrive Learning Institute and members of team 3b,
We must say that we are very quite impressed with the technical help and coaching techniques we receive from you and your team members. It is so pleasing to see that we sold an unlocked used sony ericsson walkman camera phone on the 1st day after listing it on ebay! Someone bought it for the buy it now feature which was $65.00, the profit was $ 31.00!! This was my 2nd listing on ebay since starting my business.

My 1st listing, an item from home, which was 5 energizer watch batteries was also sold on the same day as the phone, for $3.00 buy it now, making $0.60 profit!! This double sale increased our excitement and confirmed for us that what we are doing works. We have very little computer skills but the step by step approach and quick response from the coaches, make this business easy to become successful. We couldn't have done this without Thrive Learning Institute. Thanks!


Thrive Learning Institute Gives Back

Press Release: Thrive Learning Institute Teams With Special Olympics To Create Memorable Experiences

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Student Avoid Scammer


I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone at Thrive Learning Institute know how excited and pleased I am to have taken the opportunity you are providing. First of all, thanks for the treats!

Initially, as I am sure everyone is, I was skeptical. However the continued effort from everyone on the team to keep me going has been wonderful! I am at a crossroads in my life right now with a new family starting, and having just got laid off due to economic reasons.

I have three different things going now (school, Thrive, and now a job). Having nearly overextended myself this support is really helping me keep my long term goals with this venture.

My best experience thus far was with an e-mail I got that regarded one of my items for sale. It matched one of the attacks that I was warned about in the online material. However, there were subtle things in it that made it seem more legitimate.

I forwarded the e-mail to my team. The team conferred, and they felt it could be legitimate. They did tell me to respond with some very specific requests to the potential buyer to ensure it was legitimate. I followed the advice provided. Afterwards, I did not hear back from that individual. It was indeed a scam that I would not have been able to as easily avoid without your assistance.

Again, I want to thank Team 2A for everything you are doing. My family and I are very pleased with the support you have provided.

- Sam

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heather Makes $464 thanks to Thrive Learning Institute

Team 3D,

We have sold 6 items on Ebay!!! We bought 3 of the products off of ebay, like you told us to so we could build our feedback, for $68.40. We then turned around and sold those same items back on ebay for a HUGE profit (1 for $111.77, 1 for $130.00, and 1 for $135.00). We bought another product for $51.30 and turned around and sold it again for $87.00! So we are on our way thanks to you guys! I do find the benchmarks very helpful at times when I am lost and need to figure things out. Everyone is very helpful and keeps me motivated to keep moving along. Thanks for all of your help!

Thanks again,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Melanie Stikes Gold With Thrive Learning Institute

Hi Kit,

I just wanted to thank you and the other coaches for taking the time to work with me. I have always been skeptical of selling things online. After buying this program- I started taking photos of some of the stuff I had at home (including my daughter's old bed). We listed it on craigslist and it sold within 3 hours...for $500. I got so excited that I started putting more things online, including some office furniture and old computers since we were moving our offices. We even promoted our office sale on craigslist (because there is no fee) and got some really good buyers. I also discovered that I can sell things online for 4-5 times more money than having a garage sale.

In just one week of posting and selling items that were taking up space, I have made $1,500! That has already paid back my initial investment in Thrive Learning Institute. I can't believe I waited years to actually try to sell something online. I don't know why I was so afraid to simply try it. For a self-professed "techno phobe" like me - that is a major step. This gave me the confidence to build a website and finally make money on the internet & not rely on an IT person or internet marketer to make all the money while I have all the risk and do all the work.

Thank you for empowering me to think globally and to never have to have a garage sale again!