Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dan Learned a Lot

I wanted to write you this letter to thank you...for helping me to build my website.  I have learned a lot during the entire process.  It has been a longer process than I first anticipated, but now that my web site is up and running, it has been worth all the effort I have put into it. You have been very helpful in coaching and guiding me along the way, your expertise and knowledge have been very valuable to me and have taught me a great deal about this new venture. 

Thank you so much

Dan S.

Arthur Gets Great Advice

The help and advise that you have given me on building my site has been not only professional, insightful, and thorough, all the people behind the scene have also been extremely beneficial to building my website. With out the assistance of all the tech support and personal coaches I would have never gotten this far. Starting out in the marketing aspect of this process has been a trying time, but with the help of my personal coach..., I believe I will succeed in this step of the process. Overall, the commitment of everyone involved in helping me with my website has been everything promised. I look forward to more expert advice in capitalizing on all the aspects of this process.


Arthur C.

David Makes Over 2K on eBay

I have made 7 eBay sales for $2016.06. My coaches have helped me with the start up of the sales and given me information regarding the use of drop shippers. I learned patience and I found that even though you do a very good ad, you still have to wait for the ad to work. Just listen to your coaches and believe in what you are doing.They said to do exactly as they say and things will work out for you. Well I'm proof of that, I rarely do what any one tells me to do, but I'm telling you that is the thing not to do. Just follow directions and you will prosper. I really like it so far. I can see that there is money to be made on line especially on eBay.

David P.

Coaches Help Mark Focus

My coaches have helped me focus on doing one step at a time rather than being over whelmed by all the information. I'm completely new to the eBay culture, so every thing has been a learning experience. But I have become much more organized because of this new job. I would have to say that you should not get overwhelmed and to keep following the steps forward. It will take time and effort but it can be done. I feel very good. It's a good feeling to have something sell and get a positive response.

Mark M.

"It's Easy to List and Get Started"

Chris has made it clear and simple how to sell on eBay, and the email he sent with tips on how to list was very helpful. Don't worry about making mistakes, its easy to list and get started.  Going through all the information in the benchmarks is a lot but you need to know it, so muddle through and then get on to finding a good product to sell.

Michelle W.

Kathy is Feeling Positive

In 9 sales on eBay I have made $249.29. My coach has really been valuable in helping me revise weak listings, giving me ideas and positive feedback which has been helpful in keeping me going.  I have learned not to try to oversell by using too many fee items on my listings, and to pay more attention to the shipping costs.  I have lost some money on a few items, nothing terribly expensive, and that is the best lesson of all. I have to think things through more carefully, and really listen to the coaches. I have sold mostly personal items that were left by my father, vintage fishing and hunting items, personal craft books I had collected, a couple of dropshipping items from Doba-women's accessories.  I am feeling much more positive now that I have made at least one really good sale.

Kathy J.

Nathaniel Says Coach Was Very Helpful

This is a new experience; I have never worked with a web builder software before.  It was a learning experience.  My coach, Rob, was very helpful; he was kind and patient with me. I would eagerly wait for Rob’s weekly calls.  I don’t have a lot of computer knowledge. I have learned a little bit of how [the] builder works, this may help me make minor changes in the web site.   This is very helpful. 

Nathaniel W.