Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beverly and Thrive Learning Institute Strive For Success

Hello Thrive Learning Institute:

Thank you so much for your support during this new endeavor of mine of building a web site. Without your assistance, I'm positive this experience would have been overwhelming. Your continuous and very helpful advice made this a very meaningful and productive project. I learned so much and I appreciate your methods of instruction.

Your Team has been helpful, kind and always available when I've called or e-mailed you. You've helped make this experience an enjoyable one. I want you to know that it is sincerely appreciated.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vasu is Pleased With Thrive Learning Institute's Program

Thrive Learning Institute,

I must mention that I enjoy every bit of the program in that they have been prepared very professionally, especially for beginners like me. The step-by-step guidance provided by the videos have also been presented in a beautiful manner - simple, clear and very easy to understand and


Skeptical at First Mitch Strive's for Success With Thrive Learning Institute

I’ve been involved at different levels in small business ventures before but never from the Ecommerce side of things. My passion for business coupled with Jeff Paul's Coach's experience and knowledge base has enabled me to successfully set up an online business. I’m still in the early marketing phases of my site but have very high hopes based off of my interactions with Jeff Paul's Coach's from Thrive Learning Institute so far. I’ve needed quite a lot of hand holding through this process and the coaches and website technicians have performed beautifully guiding me through every step.

I can honestly say if I were to try this on my own it would have taken ten times as long. From the vantage point of someone nearing completion of this program and looking back on all the courses of action and little finicky processes I’m pretty confident I would have missed some or many of these on my own. Going beyond the instruction, they provide you with quite a few invaluable resources that enable you to research markets, do graphic design, and network with distributors.

I was very hesitant and quite skeptical about this program when first introduced. I felt like I was taking a major gamble with a lot of money on a company I didn’t know very much about. It seemed like another get rich quick internet scam. They were able to instill enough confidence in me that I made the leap and infused a relatively large financial investment into the program and I’m glad I did. I quickly learned it definitely was not a get rich quick scam, I’ve had to put some hard work into it and I don’t plan on getting rich from it.

My main goals were to supplement my income, which I’m working on, and gain the general knowledge of how to run an internet business, this I have accomplished. If you put enough work into it the coaches will not only keep you pointed in the right direction but they’ll work with you to build your business so it’s successful. Once you have them working alongside you all you need to do is put the effort in and you’ll have a business you can be proud of. Thank you Team 3B, I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put in on my behalf to ensure my success.


Angela Teams With Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

It was so nice to speak to Preston today. I filled him in on my progress so far, but Preston requested that I document it for all of you and that I try to get it to you today. Here it is, as promised.

I'll start by saying how pleased I am with Thrive Learning Institute and Team 2C's teaching and support. I know now that this is not something you venture into on your own. What I love most is that there's always someone there to reach out to for help; you don't wait long to get a response and you all care so much about the beginner's success. You have devised a program that is absolutely awesome. There's volumes to learn and some days I don't know how I'll get to learn it all, but in time I know I will.

After attending to all the steps to begin; namely, getting set up with selling on Ebay (I had already been a purchaser with excellent feedback); a premier account with Paypal, downloading the necessary tools, beginning with the assignments in Benchmarks on eLibrary (and what a great site that is----loaded with information and tools), I began listing with Ebay and Amazon. With the support of the 2C Team, I am working at fine-tuning the listings, which takes quite a bit of practice, trial and error. (Thanks, Preston, for your emails with plenty of excellent tips on improving my skills at listing, an enormous help.)

All my listings thus far are from many, many items in my apartment which I inherited from an estate. I am trying to list as many per day as time will permit, with the goal of making more and more improvements as I go along. I'm new at this, so sales have so far amounted to only about $125.00, but I am not discouraged by this as I keep focused on reaching my goals. Right now I am vigorously searching and researching for products to sell and find it to be a most time-consuming as well as challenging endeavor.

I don't know how you match a student with a coach, but you sure did pick a great one for me. I have no doubt all the coaches are wonderful.

All of you at Thrive do a fantastic job and I am so grateful to all of you. My heartfelt thanks!

Kudos to Jim for the wonderful coaching program he has put together, for his dedication, for his most informative newsletters filled with money-making tips, success stories and the great bonuses offered. It's almost impossible to keep up with it all.

With all best wishes,

Warren Makes $200 with Thrive

Thrive Learning Institute,

I want to tell Team 2A thank you for helping me get started with my Ebay account. I have sold $200.00 since I started. Also want to express how much the e-library has helped me. It is so good to be able to go and refer back to the e-library.


Fred And Thrive Learning Institute Lay the Foundation for Success

Thrive Learning Institute,

I would like to start by saying that team 2a has help me immensely with getting my site up especially Natasha. I thank the whole team. I talked with each member of the team at least once. Each member of the team helped me at one point and were glad to do so. the tech support side was almost as good most were friendly and eager to help. This has been a vary stressful undertaking and one of the hardest events I have ever done. I am proud of myself that I did get my site up and running and I do have to thank the team and tech support for that. they helped me so much. I hope that I start getting customers soon so that all my hard work and the teams hard work for that matter begins to pay off.Thank you


Jerry and Deana Get Their First Sale With The Help of Thrive Learning Institute!

Good morning Nick,

The item sold for $9.99 plus shipping. You guys were very helpful in getting this first item sold for us. I have never even been on Ebay before, let alone selling anything using them.

Thank you,
Jerry and Deana

Thrive Learning Institute Helps as Corinne Reaches $1000

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

Well, I have reached over my $1000 in gross sales and I wanted to let the Team's supervisor know how much I appreciate the Team! In a word, the team has been GREAT!

They have been there for me through whatever obstacles and challenges I had to face and there were plenty. Whether it was road blocks with Ebay or finding a niche and drop shipper, they have been encouraging and that really helps. This is fun and rewarding but not easy and it takes time, effort, diligence, etc. The Team is kind and knows what to do and say to help me sustain my motivation during the bad and good.

I enjoy the Team as people too! The personalities are a great fit with me and they feel like friends. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with them. I will keep on going, no doubt with the help from the Team!

Very Sincerely, Corinne

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daisy Gets Her Site Up And Running - Thrive Learning Institute

Here are my thoughts on the process so far:

I have just completed building my site selling bird houses which took approximately 7 weeks from the time of entering the program. The coaches were an instrumental part of achieving this success. They were always available to help when I found myself stuck and unsure how to proceed. The response time was very quick to my questions so I was not delayed in moving to the next stages. For the most part the videos were very helpful.

My challenges were primarily around understanding how the pieces fit together some times so I would have appreciated a quick summary from the start so that I knew what was coming next. I did have to re-do some of the work after the fact due to learning some details along the way but I chalk that up to the educational process. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it requires extra time so you can learn from your mistakes.

That being said I’ve learned a ton from both the coaches and the process that I would like to apply to building a bigger business.

My advice to future students would be to contact the coaches right away if you have any questions as there’s no need to struggle when you have people who are going to help you succeed. Take the time up front to do your research properly so that you can get excited about your business and the potential it has.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Stephen Succeeds with Ebay with Thrive Learning Institute's Help

Thrive Learning Institute,

I listed 6 items on EBay for 7 days. My team critiqued them and told me some changes I could make so I did and sold 1 item at the Buy it now price on the second day! I sold 3 more by the end of the Day. Not bad for second time selling :) made profit of about

Thanks Thrive Learning Institute


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Succeeds As Rob Succeeds

Dear Thrive Learning Institute

Hi, I would just like to say Thank you to everybody on Team2A, For the wonderful help you have given me. My massager ended up selling for more then double what I paid for it.

With you guys showing me listing tips, how to increase the effectiveness of my title name, and what to list in the description. Due to my great listing ;) a lot of people ended up watching the item. And i did have over 130 hits on something that isn't popular on ebay.

I thank all of you for your tips, I really appreciate your quick response time and how quickly I felt like I could trust and work you as my team. I wish I could call this success all mine, but i guess it is shared. One more thing, You four are great knowledgeable coaches. Thank you and I look forward to my next big step.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps John Get His First Sale!

Thrive Learning Institute,

Thanks for all your help Coaches of Team2a especially Nick (on Google Adwords). I had my first sale on the Fourth of July. All 3 items this person bought were from the Toddler Classics page - Net Profit $20.92

Thank you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Bob Get Going

Just want to say Thank You for all you did for me so far. I have sold $134.94 on E-Bay so far. My Web Site is starting to shape up, Thanks Nick for the time you have spent with me. I really do appreciate it, Thanks also to Grant for his help and I didn't forget Jon and Natasha, Thanks!!

HAPPY 4th of July to you all

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps as Michael Gets His First Sale!

Thrive Learning Institute,

My first auction resulted in a sale of my Bose Wave Music System for $232.49! A little less than the $250.00 I hoped to get based on my research but not bad considering my listing was very unprofessional looking. Thanks for your help.