Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jerry Makes over $500!

9 eBay sales for $547.5. I realize now there is a lot more to selling on Ebay than some people would have you believe. Coaching help has been good, especially reviewing my listings and making recommendations. Success is all about presenting your product in the proper format.

From my ancient marketing courses I keep the four P's in mind. The right PRODUCT, Promotion, place and Price. Making sure I have all the costs factored into the pricing. It has been very easy for me to miss some of the costs incurred, especially on smaller items. Also you have to make sure the shipping method is adequate for your item and the cost is correct. I had to change in one instance from a priority small box to a medium. Price increase from 4.80 to 9.85, ouch! The listing templates are a great tool once you learn to use them. I had a difficult time with various aspects of this. Experience is a great teacher and I get better daily.

Don't get discouraged. Experiment with smaller items of little or no real value to yourself. Pay attention to details. Don't concentrate so much on the price as offering the customer a professional buying experience. The money will then come as a result of their efforts.Consumer electronics, tools ( power and hand), electrical items and safety items.

Jerry S.

Keith is Having a Positive Experience with Thrive

12 Sales on eBay for $199.64. Positive experience with great tips and critique from coach. Have helped me to gain experience through their encouragement and motivational teaching. A bit slow at first as I was (and still am) learning the ropes.Only real mistakes (2) i've made was underpricing items and not allowing for postage costs.

I tried to keep my auction prices very low as was suggested to me, but for example I sold a shirt for £2.50 and it cost me £2.89 to post it! I've learnt from that and put it down to experience! A lot of info to take in and absorb, but work through it at your own pace and I can see it will pay rich dividends. I have sold Shirts, an Umbrella, Shoes, BBQ tool set, Gents manicure set, Golf bags, Golf clubs - both a set of irons and individual clubs, dust sheets,golf waterproofs, golf virtual swing trainer.

Keith B

Theodore Making it with Thrive Learning Institute

2 so far $100.01. There is so much to learn about how to buy and sell on E-Bay.I think that once I feel more comfortable with the E-Bay process, I will become a more effective seller. Finding the right items to sell is a very big challenge right now. I eventually want to develop my own web site and have an E-Bay store. My coach Charity is very knowledgeable and I am trying very hard to absorb everything I can from her. I feel fortunate to have her as my mentoring coach.

I have sold my first two items and that in itself is a milestone for me. Be ready to accept new concepts and ideas concerning buying and selling on E-Bay. There is so much to learn, so just be ready to learn everything you can from experienced and successful mentors who are ready to impart this knowledge.

Theodore Z.

Stacy Makes Good Money With eBay!

9 sales on eBay for $408.44! The coaches are great about reviewing listings and giving great feedback! I had not been able to figure out how the "top sellers" were making their descriptions look so good with pics, etc. I have figured it out! Thanks!! Just keep moving forward... Baby Steps If Necessary! To this point I have been selling a wide variety of items; cleaning out closets and cabinets. I have had some success with yard sale items and have sold one dropship item.


David Finds Success with Thrive Learning Institute

A journey of a thousand begins with the first step and sometimes you trip. I did not use my coaches as i should have. Posted without checking and let coaches know after. They critiqued after and I learned the hard way. Life is a learning process and you are never to old to learn. Ignorance.I am learning do's and don'ts. Ability. Learning's anyone can. Knowledge. Not necessarily the need , more the means Anyone can give up, but that is not the road to success. If you think you can't, you wont. If you think you can, you may. If you commit and put forth the effort you will.

-David W.

Diane V. Makes First Sale!

I feel good about my experience just waiting on feedback from my first customer! The coaches gave me pointers/suggestions on my listings and I updated as necessary. I was able to complete both listings without help from the coaches, as the info in the benchmarks/tutorials is excellent however, it's nice to have them available if I do have questions. Take that first leap. It will all work out.

-Diane V.

Thrive Student Gives Pointers

I have made my first
sale for $11.99. I am very Happy with the coaching I have recieved.
Some obstacles I have overcome are:
1. Finding a good micro-niche.
2. Writing articles for my site and article backlink sites.
3. Designing my first web-site.
Advice for future students:

1. Be persistent-don't give up.
2. Don't be afraid to ask any and all questions to your coach.
3. You never stop learning.

-Erin N.

Thrive Coaches Make Learning Easy

My Coach walked me through set-up, which made it very easy. Viewing the related video was a great help also. Writing posts was not that difficult for me as
I love to write, but the research into the product I am featuring took
a lot more time than I expected. But, overall, I felt a lot more
confident when those basic tasks were completed.

Taking 'baby steps' made everything less overwhelming. On first
reading the complete list of things to accomplish, I was tempted to
throw up my hands and thought I might not be up to the task ahead.
However, focusing on one thing at a time made it all possible without
getting completely stressed. Sometimes I felt like I was being led
with a 'blindfold' on....which is a stressful thing for me. As I came
to know my team and followed their leading, without knowing every
little detail in advance, I learned to trust them and was less

I've always been a person who needs to know exactly where I'm going
and exactly what route to take and what I'm going to find when I get
there. A 'road map' isn't good enough. I usually take a 'test
drive'--just to see what I might encounter--well before the time I
need to make the actual trip.

So, my natural inclinations were my biggest obstacle. I couldn't
'see' far enough ahead. Anyone else just beginning their training
program should be encouraged by the fact that their team members
really do know what they're doing. They are ready and willing to make
the learning process as painless as possible. You are not just left
to 'sink or swim.' And they are generous with words of encouragement
and praise.

-Barbara C.

Michael's Experience "Wonderful"

Affiliate My experience setting up was wonderful, working with the coaches was great, every questions I had they answer while pointing me and keeping me on the right track, two thumbs up for the coaches that help me. Biggest Obstacle: I was setting up a blog site, and I had problem importing templates and editing my blogs. Future Students: pay attention, take notes and most of all listen to your coaches.


Adam on His Way to Success

I have made 2 sales on eBay for $113. I feel very Good and satisfied with the coaching. My biggest obstacle has been trying to overcome laziness when I'm not exhausted from my primary job. It has to be something you want to do. You have to know that its going to happen before you even start. Nothing will be done for you. Your going to have to work hard for what you want, but like anything. What you put into it is what you'll get out of it. When its done your reward will be what you've learned and happiness knowing your on a new road to success.

I do agree that people are creatures of habit. Being able to step outside the box to change your life is even greater than any money you'll ever make. Now if I could only find the right woman. One who when she sleeps I could look at her and and ask god, why? And thank him every day I'm with her. I might be a fool to believe love concerns all. Being in love with someone who fulfills my every happiness and someone who will share all my life experiences no matter what to me means more than any amount of money I could ever make or want. Someone like that to me is what being successful is.

-Adam L.