Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keith Says Listen to Your Coach

This was overall a very good learning experience.  I really learned a lot.

Try to learn everything that you can and listen to your coach.

Keith M.

Ryan Says, Stay Focused

It was rewarding to have built it.  I have never done anything like this before!

You can do it, if you just stay focused.  Be patient.  If you don't understand what to do, ask for help. 

Ryan R.

Kim Says Coach is Focused and Attentive

Rob is a focused and attentive coach, with an in depth understanding of building and maintaining on-line business.

Throughout our sessions, he has been able to address every question that I have presented, as well as supplying information that was new and pertinent to assist me to get a site up and functioning. 

His skills and ability to add a personal feel to our sessions along with the application of some of his technical abilities have aided in my progress.  I would not have progressed as far as I have without his assistance.

Thank You.

Kim D.

Joyce and Robert Enjoyed Working With Coach

I enjoyed working with Rob.  He was very patient, never made me feel that I had asked a silly question, provided good answers to my questions and when necessary, wise counsel.  I learned a lot from Rob in an all-too-short period of time.  Thanks, Rob!

Joyce & Robert K.

David Feels Very Good About His Experience

I feel very good about this experience. My coaches help me with every I need. They tried there best to explain to me what ever I needed help with.

All I can stay is don't give up no matter what, just keep it moving, if you need help that's is what your coaches is there for.

David B.

Eddie Makes Profit on Ebay

My coach helped me by telling me that I needed to add more product descriptions to my eBay listing. I have learned to add more product descriptions and to organize my eBay listing better.I have also learned to lower my buy it now price and my starting auction price to beat the competition. I sold a Nokia smart phone. I sold the Nokia smart phone for 250.00. The smart phone was shipped from Dell electronics with free shipping.I paid 198.00 for the smart phone from Dell. after the eBay and paypal fees I made about 40.00 in profit.

Eddie M.

Randolfo Says, Have Patience

My coach has been excellent. You just need to have patients and put time into your business.

I am very excited. When I got home from work, I go straight to the computer. I am very hooked on eBay

Randolfo S.

Gretchen Gets Questions Answered

Ben answers all my questions (even when they're not too bright) and he is very encouraging. I know that he is there for me whenever I need help.

The biggest obstacle was having the confidence to just do it! I have conquered that fear, although I know I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn.

I say, commit yourself to it and follow the advice of the coaches. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it really isn't all that complicated. Where it took me all day to do ONE listing, it now has become easier and easier. Be motivated and hang in there. The rewards can be awesome!

I'm sure I can really get into this. It's fun and exciting, and is certainly a chance to make some money from home in my spare time. eBay makes the process very simple and straightforward.

Gretchen V.

Sheryl, Encouaged at Every Turn

My coach has encouraged me at every turn, answered any questions I have had and has given me special pointers on my listings.

I feel that I am overcoming my initial anxiety about trying eBay and gaining confidence the further along I work with my coach.

It may take you longer than you expect to complete assignments, but just stick with it.  Make sure that you have a good understanding of each section before moving on to the next and never hesitate to ask questions.  The coaches are more than willing to help you through rough spots.

I'm very happy about my training experience with eBay.  I am learning so much and am anxious to get far along enough to begin a store and start making some real money.

Sheryl C.

Jodian Enjoyed Working on Her Site

I enjoyed working on my site, overall it was a good experience and my coach was clear when I talked to him.

Thank You.

Jodian F.