Friday, December 11, 2009

Linda Gets Help to Overcome Obstacles

I just had my first sale on eBay with a profit of $15.99. Team 2 has been very helpful. During the program so far I have overcome many obstacles. Trying to absorb and retain all of the info. and remember where to find it when I need it. Stay diligent, know you will learn it all, and think positive. Novalty collectibles, jewelry I have alot to learn!!

Linda S.

John Finds Help Selling on eBay

I have had 6 sales on eBay so far with a profit of $144. Team 2 has made big difference in my selling ways...[and]...What to look for when I'm going to sell a similar item. My advice would be to just listen to what the instructor is saying. Cars, Furs, DVD Games I like eBay very much.

John G.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quentin Stays on Track With Thrive Learning Institute

I have made my first eBay sale for $127.42. My coaches are always trying to keep me on track with completing my assignment and answer questions that I may have with suggestions. I don't think that I have overcome any obstacles yet, but just getting the experience of having an item of mine being bid on and sold-which was a good feeling. Future Students be ready to get uncomfortable-take the chance to hopefully make the necessary changes in their life. It is scary. I sold a used gas motorized scooter.


Wendy Gets Support From Thrive Coach

[I have made] 3 eBay sales for $37.51. My coach has been there to support me and give me instruction and advice to help me understand what I am supposed to do. I have learned that there is a lot more to ebay than meets the eye. Future students, hang in there, especially if you have never done this before, it can be overwhelming to start with, but if you stick with it, it is totally worth it. The coaches are awesome and they are always there to help. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I have sold 2 video games and 1 movie. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but once I got going it is a pretty awesome experience.

Wendy M.

Thrive Makes eBay a Fun and Rewarding Experience For Cheryl

[I've made] 14 eBay sales for $81.80 Charity has been very supportive & helpful. She has offered many suggestions & always has a positive attitude. I have made some mistakes with my listings. I've learned that "Like New" isn't an acceptable phrase in a title. I've also learned that Classified Ads are expensive & not a good way to go. I listed an item that way by mistake & it was a costly error. New students just need to have patience. The program is a road map to success. All you need is time & patience. I feel very positive about Thrive & my coach. I know I wouldn't have had near the success with my listings without the training I've received. eBay is not for rookies!!! I have sold 2 Books & a coin. I am excited about selling on eBay. Ive had good success so far, & feel confident [that] my sales will grow with my experience. I have learned so much from my coach & from my lessons that eBay has become a fun & rewarding experience.

Cheryl K.

Fan Marches Forward With Thrive Learning Institute

I would rate my coaching experience a 10. It is absolutely wonderful. When you go to any school, in your classroom, there you have one teacher and a lot of students, when you have a question, either you have to wait in line till your turn or you have to solve the problem yourself, I just can't believe that in this program with one student and a lot of teachers. In this team of coaches, they are there when I need them, they are very patient with me and solve my problems. They are just a whole bunch of wonderful coaches. I'm Chinese and a computer beginner, English is my second language and I never learned a thing about computers, most of my knowledge is self taught with a bit of help from my daughter, a lot of things in this computer I just don't know .. period. My team of coaches gives me step-by-step written instructions (like John), or calls me on the phone and shows me how to do it directly on the computer (like Tyler). I feel very lucky. Right now I have an item (which is from a Website) for sale on eBay. I didn't even know I can do that, never mind how to do it. For the next couple of days, I'll try to put more things on eBay for sale. I'm very excited and look forward to building my own Website. In the beginning I was a bit afraid. Being away from school for almost 30 years, I wasn't to sure whether I could do it or not, but now, I'm full of confidence, looking ahead and just marching forward with team 2.

Fan A.

Danny is Ready to Thrive in Business

...I've grossed 72.83 on ebay so far and I feel really enthusiastic about the program. I'm learning things that I haven't learned before and I'm glad that I made this investment. Something like this follows you for the rest of your life. I'm happy to be learning so much at such a ripe age. Team 2a you guys have been doing a great job helping me out. I'm already setting up my business entity and I'm even beginning to act more like a business man. Thanks guys and keep up the good support.

Danny T.

Barbara Thanks Thrive Coaches For Helping Her Succeed

I would like to take a moment to thank each & every one of you in helping me to get my Internet Marketing business off the ground. Since I didn’t know anything about the Internet & where to start, you have been able to provide me with your expertise knowledge in assisting me in getting my Blog...set up as well as the other tools needed that goes along with the blog. I appreciate your continued support in helping me to become successful in my business.

Barbara P.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Michelle Learns to Sell and Thrive on eBay

Prior to this round of ebay selling I did not have a lot of success with ebay... The research background...helped open my eyes to ebay as a marketplace for products I had in inventory that were going nowhere. I [now] have a better understanding of ebay, my inventory and the value... The biggest obstacle is [the financial] investment to start and grow a business -- when you are strapped for money to begin with, investing more of what you don't have becomes extremely stressful. Lack of initial success. Theory is if you throw enough money at something it will eventually work. Reality is different. My returns were minimal compared to the amount I invested and by bills were getting bigger by the month. Vision is another obstacle -- keep your ambitions to the scale of your budget; and, stay focused. When you have an urgent need for cash there is a temptation to jump to the next best thing never completing what you originally started. Technical expertise -- I hate to count the money I wasted on arrogant web developer who overcharged and underdelivered for the services I procured. Either learn web skills or do a prepackage blog. You must have commitment or don't bother Focus! Focus! Focus! Get a clear picture in your mind of what you want to do before starting Realistically assess your financial status for investment in your business Explore your technical options to market your product/idea (website,blog) Research your marketing options thoroughly – READ! READ! READ! Beware of Consultants talking a good game on [the] phone w/ fine print contracts Buy lotsa Rolaids! Don't [lose] the faith!

Michelle D.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bob and Sally Enjoy Working With Thrive Learning Institute

Bob and Sally made 2 sales for $626.42. “At the point of finishing our site where the homepage was built and all we basically needed was product pages and product, we had a lot of fun, Thrive couldn't have made this step any easier. It's like finally finding a new house you've been looking for, for months, and finally getting to move in. Adding product to your store is like adding furniture and such to your new house, putting things away and in their proper places so they can be found easily. The Reactive Team was great to work with, and because of their high standards, our site looks the way it does today. Our experience has been a lot of fun, very challenging and very stressful at times, and I know we've come out of our comfort zone a couple dozen times, but all in all without the coaching of each and everyone of you at Thrive we would have given up long ago. Thanks to all of you for being so patient and helpful. The marketing phase has been fun so far, as soon as our site review came through, our coaches were sending us the info needed to start marketing(you guys don't waste any time). There is a lot to do yet, and there is no doubt in our minds that our coaches will be there to keep us on track. There were many obstacles, only because Bob and I knew very little about navigating around on a computer. It's half the reason it's been so much fun, because of all the things we've learned. and we both spend hours on the computer and our site, tweaking things and moving things around, because we know how, and because we can. [Advice to future students] patients, patients, patients most of all don't give up! trust your coach and your instincts and do the best you can believe in yourself and don't lose sight of what you are after. And you will get there.”

Bob and Sally R.

Thrive Coaches Encouraged Paula

[I have made] 3 eBay sales for $82. My coaches have been very helpful and encouraging, I haven't really needed any one on one advice so far, but my weekly contact has helped me to stay focused. I have even managed to list and sell a couple of items that didn't seem to be very popular according to my research, but it just shows how far a strong listing can take you. I'm inclined to procrastinate and this has been by far the biggest obstacle. I'm working very long hours and am constantly tired, it's very tempting to just put it off until tomorrow, then I'm under pressure to complete the steps before my deadline. However I'm encouraged by the fact that all 3 items I have listed have sold. I've got the bug now, I have to find more items! Plus it's starting to feel like fun and not work which is a big plus. Future Students: Just do it! It's satisfying, interesting and a...sight easier than working for a living. I have sold a Nintendo Console for $40.00, An electric manicure kit for $24.00, and a black dress for $18.00. I'm very excited, it is becoming addictive, I'm constantly looking at things and thinking "Could I sell that at a profit?" It's taking over my life!

Paula O.

Thrive Teaches Kenny Strategies and Tips

[I had] 3 eBay sales for $186. My coach has helped me to understand more about postage costs. I was needing help with handling the possible difference in shipping costs posted in my listing in correlation to the actual shipping costs from the dropshipper. Tyler helped in the beginning by pointing out that my email address was a bit too out of the ordinary and that some sellers use gmail, so I got me a new gmail address. New Students: Keep your optimism strong while digesting all you can about strategy and procedures. A good idea or breakthrough could be just around the next corner. I have...sold a Dehydrator, corner sander, and two polo shirts. I have noticed that the wholesale prices are comparable to some of the retail prices, but I will eventually learn how to pull a good profit. As in everything, there are strategies and tips to be learned.

Kenny H.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thrive Coaches Kept Bob and Sally Going

Our Dropship website is When Bob and I started this web site we had very little knowledge of navigating around on a computer, the coaches and the coaching they have given us has been fantastic! you guys are so patient and so understanding yet very honest and straight forward. And our emails or phone calls were always answered promptly. Our experience as a whole has been very challenging but at the same time a lot of fun. And we owe what we know to our coaches. ...coming out of our comfort zone and learning to navigate around on a computer. I have to admit there were a lot of times we wanted to throw in the towel and give up, we didn't feel we had what it took to build a site, but again, the encouragement of our coaches and the desire to have an internet business, kept us going. Our words of encouragement...hang in there, trust your coach and your instincts, and don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's how you learn.

Bob and Sally R.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thrive Teaches Henry to Sell on eBay

[I had] 8 eBay sales for 95.82. My coaches explained the importance of a good description and the use of all characters on the product title. I have liked learning from my own postings and working with the tools. I also am understanding that the market place is ever changing...It seems like a lot of information at first but it gets easier. I have sold [computer mice], dog leashes, keyboard, luggage carrier, [and a] lotion dispenser. I see a lot of potential.

Henry M.

Thrive Learning Gives Dev a New Perspective

It was great fun building the blogspot. Writing the articles loomed as a large obstacle ahead, but I was amazed at how quickly they took shape and then the joy I felt when ezinearticles accepted them - and me as an expert author! My coach Nate helped me to arrange the heading words so that they fitting in with my blog title. That one "little tip" just helped me to get a greater perspective on how the whole thing fits together. Definitely a light bulb moment. It was so much easier than I could have imagined - the tips and guidance made a real difference. Also watching various videos through the course helps build up a bigger picture of what this is all about. Certainly a lot of things that were just terms I had often seen, now became something that had a purpose and meaning and I found out what to do and why it was important to do it! Just keep going. Sometimes it may seem tedious, but there is a lot of planning and implementation that needs to be done. I know for myself that I often just want to get to the finish line in a hurry, but you need to slow done and take in the scenery on the way. The little things need to click into place before the big things begin to happen.

Des J.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kathleen Says Keep at it and Listen to the Thrive Coaches

My overall experience has been wonderful. Team 2 has lots of new information. They have kept me on track and motivated. Deadlines are important. All the coaches answered my questions. Being able to call in when I had a problem is awesome. Don't like "live chat", but it sure does work well. The team always got back to me when I called. Found the "right" way to build a site, not just one that looks good. The coaches were detailed in their suggestions...not just "do it better" but "do this", and here is why and how. Keep at it. Be persistent. Listen to the coaches. Ask questions. Spend the time needed.

Kathleen H.

Kim Says Stick With the Thrive Program

I have had 3 sales on eBay with a profit of $19.63. My coaches have directed me to different resources on ebay and in the community to find items, helped me with the ads I did and giving feedback. Charity has been very supportive. I don't have a digital camera, so have to take items over to a neighbor to get pictures done, that slows me down because I need to do it according to their schedule. I have a lot of fears and am really starting from scratch, never having been on ebay before...Just stick with the program and trust them. They have more experience and have had success, and can teach you success too...I am learning the process all the way through, from posting items to fulfillment.

Kim A.

Jacky Guided by Thrive Coaches

I just made my first eBay sale! I sold a handbag for $8. My coaches have answered my questions and guided me through the selling process. I am looking forward to continued learning on eBay. My advice to future students is to work on it a little every day.

Jacky L.

Susan Encourages Others to Use Thrive Learning Institute

2 Sales on eBay for $4.49. So far so good, my coach has helped me with questions I have had about shipping charges. Also on what I can add when I want to give information on the product I want to sell. I have my coaches guiding me. I would have been too nervous to do this on my own. I was told how to add shipping charges if customer wants item faster than I listed. I encourage anyone who wants to make some extra money on the side to take advantage of this program. You will always have a coach on hand to call anytime & online chat when you have any questions. Never give up because you are not alone. This program has helped me right from the start & has always been there for me. I have sold 2 dvd's. I felt very good once I listed a product & even more once they sold.

Susan A.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Johnny Makes $1,142 with Thrive Learning Institute

I have grossed so far in the program $1,142.85 and sold 33 items. My feedback score is 26 with 100% positive feedback and my DSR scores are all 5.0 and one 4.9. Overall, the program has been very good and Nick and the entire Team 2a has done a great job!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Java Asks As Many Questions As Possible And Thrive Learning Institute Answers

My experience with building [my website] has been incredibly easy with Nate's and Team 2A continuous help. I did not have any previous experience with building a website or creating a blog, however, through clear communication, plenty of patience and expertise, I have learned so much in such little time. Today marks the beginning of week 3 and I feel at complete ease making decisions and researching online on how to grow and attract viewers. In addition, the program has introduced me to so many bloggers who are in the same field interest as myself and with the affiliate step program, I'm able to stay on a the right track.

My obstacle was the lack of experience and knowledge of blogging. John from Team 2A was very patient to guide me step by step on how to search on adwords, become an Amazon associate, and how to make detail changes on my blog. My suggestion for future students is to be as proactive as possible during the 10 week program. The time goes by very quickly and if you are using the program as a part time job, you must have a schedule which you can stick. So, time management is key. Ask as many questions as possible, even if it seems mundane and silly. The team assisting you is an immense help to your progress. Also, choose topics that you have a lot of interest and passion for and which you would like learn from.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Terri Says Thrive Curriculum Works

My coach has been very helpful with tips on how to research things that I may want to sell. He has reviewed my ebay listings and given me suggestions to improve my listings. Made available tools that will help improve my listings on ebay. Research and lister software. Assisted in how to get ID verified. So I could change one of my offers to buy it now. Answers my questions to my satisfaction. Helped resolve any issues I may have. Discussed different websites that have items that I may want to sell on ebay, such as Well I have only sold 3 items. But I had one person that wanted to buy my item and made an offer immediately. I did not have the sell experience for that option so I had to get ID verified. However she did not want to wait for that so she made a bid, I ended it early and increased her invoice by the amount offered. It worked. Read the material and watch the videos, listen to your coach, contact them if you have questions or a problem and they will help you.

You will sell your first item on ebay and it will feel great. Coach Purse laptop with no hard drive 2 salad/dessert stoneware dishes I feel that to get started is more set up work than I expected. I've been told that working 10-15 hours would earn me the extra income that I am looking for however it takes far more time to learn, research, list, sell and ship than 10-15 hours a week. Maybe once I have become more familiar and have set up my procedures, 10-15 hours will be enough.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Kathleen Urges New Thrive Students to Have Patience

I have had 2 sales on eBay with a profit of $49.85! My coaches have given me several good ideas, and I just took them and basically ran w/them & started listing so I can get the experience. My biggest struggle so far is being able to list items that have appeal to consumers My only advice at this point is to BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so far sold a Boombox, laptop folding table, Ipod docking station and my experience on eBay has been good so far. Right now one of my sales took place on 11-15 & that person still hasn't paid for it nor responded to my inquiries. I did place the info to eBay help for them to contact her.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

James Successful With Thrive

I have had 11 sales on eBay so far with a total profit of $226.57. Jake has given great insight to my situation. He has looked over some of my listings to make sure I was on track. He has shown me different areas within eBay to find solutions to different situations that might arise. Also when I had questions about basic customer service on eBay he was right there to give me even more sound advise. So far my main obstacle has been understanding that I must pace myself. Once you start making your first couple of sales you get this desire that you want to do more. So I must remember to stay grounded and the success will come.

Listen to your coaches, do what they say, and work your lessons. If you have questions then ask them. If you can do that you will start seeing success with this program. This program is not rocket science and even people with little computer experience can find an enjoyable and profitable experience. So far I have have sold some Playstation 3 Video Games and some collectible He-Man action figures, vehicles, and playsets. eBay is a fantastic site with endless possibilities. I have had great success in my first month and I am looking forward for what is to come. With eBay making money is not only easy but fun.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Michael Get 81 Sales

I have had 81 sales on eBay with a total profit of $1745.54. Team 2 was there to guide me through the learning experience. Answered questions as they came up. Offered their experience as a model or example of how it works for them. They have been very helpful! One big obstacle I have faced so far is finding out what items will sell while making sure they still are profitable. Making sure that customers are satisfied with their products and if not why, then trying to resolve issue. Customer Service! Learn as you go.

A word of advice I have is do not be afraid to try new things. Learn from your errors and make them a positive. (If at first you do not succeed try, try, again!) I have been selling Knives, Record Albums, Crystal Figurines, Handcuffs, Self Defense Spray eBay has worked for the most part except when I get negative feedback for no other reason than inexperienced buyers. No way to resolve this without a great deal of time. Time is money! Not really fair to honest hard working sellers to deal with hair trigger negative people.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Make Success "Simple" For John

I have had my first sale on eBay with a profit of $13.5. I feel fairly confident about selling items on eBay. Granted I do have to learn a whole lot still but my coaches have been extremely helpful in critiquing my listings and answering any questions I have on the phone or the I've chat. My biggest obstacle was not knowing how to sell on eBay.

This course has made this process easy and simple. I would say this is the easiest most simple method to follow for making money online. I just so easy and help is always there when you need it. All you have to do now is JUST DO IT. I am working with Team 2. I have sold my first item - a wireless mouse for my PC. I never really used it so I am happy that I could get rid of it and make some cash.

- John

Alan Says "Growth Process is Fun and Rewarding" with Thrive Learning Institute

I have listed a variety of items from my home, e.g. Miami Hurricane Nutcracker and gold-plated flatware. So far my coach has been very helpful by letting me know what to expect and keeping me well informed. He also has been assigning plenty of homework :). Doing research and listing on E-bay has been fun.It's now starting to make more sense and isn't nearly as overwhelming. I'm being to have the light bulb light up and have started listing some really decent auctions. New students who are willing to put in the time will succeed beyond their dreams with
the tools that are readily available for them to use. The growth process is
fun and rewarding.


Tim Gets First Sale!

I have had my 1st sale on
eBay with a profit of $85. My coaches have been helpful in pointing
me in the right direction, they loaded the gun and I pulled the
trigger. So far I have not had any obstacles. As advice I would
recommend to follow the videos, take your time, don't rush and it'll
be straight forward. So far I have sold woodworking machinery.


Gregory has "Very Good!!" Experience with Thrive Learning Institute

I have sold 2 items with a profit of $72.49. My experience with eBay and the coaches has been very Good. Any question I had was answered and expanded upon. Some obstacles I have had to overcome so far are juggling time between my family, my primary job, and other projects I have taken on. Some advice to anyone else going through the program is do not short change yourself by skimming over any steps. You will get out what you put in. I believe I have a good team to guide me through the processes to becoming successful. So far I have been selling a Linksys wireless router and a LG LN730 GPS for auto. My experience has been Very Good!! Every detail is covered adequately. All learning tools provided are very accurate.


Karl Starting to Make Sense of eBay

I have had 2 sales so far on eBay with a total
profit of $76. Team 2 has helped work me through the process to get
started. Their feedback on my eBay postings were specific and detailed.
My biggest obstacle so far is just working my way through the process,
and all the different aspects. It can be intimidating at first, but it
is starting to come together and make more sense. If you are not
familiar with e-bay, take the time to go through and learn the site.
The videos on the benchmarks are really good and informative. My two
sales were of sporting goods. My overall experience has been good so
far. Lot's to learn yet.

- Karl

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thomas on His Way to Success

While my experience with the education and lessons have been somewhat tedious, they are important building blocks to gain a means to an end. My greatest obstacle so far has been getting more familiar with what is available on the web. With the barrage of spam one receives on how-to make a living online, it is going to take some time/work for an understanding and mastering of doing just that: making a living/income online.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Les and Dee Hit There Stride With Thrive

I have had 5 sales with a profit of $204. It has been a great learning experience. There is lot more to selling on eBay then just listing an item and sitting back and waiting for the auction to end. If it was that simple, everyone would be a millionaire. The coaching staff has been excellent. I you have a question they are there to answer it with rational that always makes sense. Team 2A is great!

Product selection and shipping cost have been a struggle. When we started we should have done a lot more research on what we want to sell. It's been trial and error but each time we are able to learn something new. Don't give up. There is a lot information to digest but if you maintain a positive attitude, work hard, and lesson to coaching staff then we truly believe that you can build a successful business. We are excited and look with great optimism to the future. I have been selling Barbie Dolls, Disney Watch, Little Rascals Dolls, Die Cast Cars, Bradford Exchange Porcelain Plates

Les and Dee

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Benny and Dianna Say Thrive Learning Institute is "Excellent"

How do you feel about your overall eBay experience and how have your coaches helped you through that process?

Excellent all the way around.

What obstacles have you overcome while learning how to make money on eBay?

Getting around on eBay & feeling comfortable with all that is required to list and sell an item.

What words of encouragement/suggestions do you have for future students that are about to go through the same process?

Go for it! Read your lessons but get in there & do it - it is fun & interesting. eBay & Pay Pal are also great & you have a lot of help.

What types of items have you been selling on eBay?

We sold a book but plan to sell several vintage golf clubs in the next two weeks.

Benny and Dianna

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thomas is Feelin Good

My name is Thomas I have had my 1st sale on eBay with a profit of $18.50 I feel pretty good, the weekly phone calls have kept me on track. I've also called the coaches and asked questions. The live chat has been very beneficial. Learning how to use key words, although I feel I have a long way to improve. Also, adding enough text in the description field to keep buyers interested. Use the coaches and all communication that is available. The more questions you ask the better. 2 I have sold a watch.

- Thomas

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Victor Succeed

I have had my 1st sale on eBay with a profit of 29.99. I feel great about Ebay and would have never of known where to start if it hadn't been for my coach Jonathan who helped me through this learning process, I still have a long ways to go and need to do some yard sales but, over all This has been a great experience for me and I plan on continuing to do even better.

My biggest struggle so far has been a lot of procrastinating, finally I can get done what I need to. I would recommend to talk with your coach #1 If you need the help get it, it always gives you a boost, a jump start when you talk with your coach. If you get stuck on one item they'll help to get you through it, your not going through this alone and that's what helps me. I am with Team 2 and selling Boots, Wine Rack, Vases, candle chandelier, Pants wrangler, and some new items to lists are Shoes fredrick, and more.

- Victor

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wayne Appreciates Thrive Learning Institute

Charity got me started with the Lightwave Lister and research tools. I used the lister to put the leather jacket on eBay and she said it looked really good. Things are a little slow going, but I'm getting the hang of it. I've had to improve my typing, not expected. You really need to work on your vocabulary also. It helps that I've had customer service type work in the past, it makes this a breeze. Future students: Take a lot of notes. If you see or read something and it puts a little ? in your head, write it down and ask your coaches.

The coaches are a great help, but you have to ask the questions that are bugging you. So write them down. I have sold two knives that I drop shipped through DOBA. And I just sold a leather motorcycle jacket that I had in my closet. There is a lot of stuff available for use, all the research tools, it kind of overloads you if you're not careful.

- Wayne

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rhea Thanks Thrive For Thorough Curriculum

My name is Rhea and I have had 3 sales with a profit of $27. My coach has been very helpful in the marketing of the products and understanding how eBay works It has been a long time since I attended school and learning a new topic at my almost young age was a little intense at times. I have been frustrated with the amount of information provided and sometimes overwhelmed, but following each step has set me for success.

I look at unused and new items differently and I am learning what would sell on eBay. I have not been a big online shopper, so overcoming my bias to that was a small obstacle. When you feel the information is too much, walk away for a moment, get a tea or coffee or water; do another chore, fix some lunch, whatever, just something different than the lesson or eBay or anything on the computer. After a few moments you will look at an object in your environment and wonder if it would sell on eBay, and how much you could get for it. That is the time to go back to studies, you are now ready to absorb more information. Don't give up in the early stages, it is a lot of information, but it will start making sense as you follow the lessons.

When you have listed something, do not get frustrated if it doesn't sell. It is easy to get excited when you look at the number of people who have visited your listing and the number of people who may be watching the at closing it doesn't sell. This event can easily deflate your desire to proceed. Call your coach, discuss if there is anything to improve the listing, lower the price etc.

Re list the item, dive in an list a couple more and by the next closing, most if not all your listings will sell. I have been selling Family game and a Nintendo video game. It is a little overwhelming at first. The regulations and processes that eBay has developed to protect the buyer and seller are extensive and pretty thorough. Reading all the policies and procedures is a daunting task. Thank goodness for the summaries and step by step provided by Thrive's lessons and coaches.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vicky Loves Personal Coaching

The coaches are great & help me a lot. How to post and estimate the right price for items starting is hard, when you understand them it's much easier. I have been selling mostly dolls and scarves.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fabio Enjoying Coaching Program

It was very easy to build my blog with his help. The most difficult thing was how to install Google Analytics and AdSense and where to find a great template. These obstacles were overcome with the help of my coach. If you take it serious and face it like a real business, chances are that you are really going to enjoy this coaching program.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

William Has Excellent Experience

My overall experience was excellent. I found it quite easy to accomplish, especially with the help of my coach Preston. I built a blog so I did not find to many obstacles. I just followed my coaches instructions and all went well. Though if I had to choose one obstacle I would say finding a good theme can be quite tiresome. You need to be opened minded to suggestions especially if you already have an idea about internet marketing. Plus follow your coaches instructions and complete your homework it will make things much easier to accomplish.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Susan Succeds After Following Thrive's Simple Steps

I feel like there was a lot more involved in putting together and promoting this website that I previously had learned in the past but I have enjoyed the work and will continue these steps in building other affiliate sites. I think I need to build next around the different niches within my main galleria website. My biggest obstacle is always time and money.

The bulk of my work is done on the weekends and I always put off spending money but finally started my adwords campaign this week. After going through the steps though, I think I can learn to "batch" these tasks better in the future and get more done in the week. There are so many schemes to get rich that hit everyone's email box but they need to know that no matter what internet business they try if there is not real work involved, there will probably be no gain involved either. You have to focus on the steps given to you. I was lucky because I had already learned some of the steps so it was not totally new but I have learned a lot more. These lessons can be applied to any internet business.

Susan L.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thrive Coaches Help Karin Succeed

I have had good response with the team answering my questions. I had to just get in there and try new things. Good encouragement. Their patience was appreciated. With affiliate marketing it's not just one website. You need to join many free sites to drive traffic to the blog site.

I stumbled a few times because of my own fear of writing anything. I am working on my writing skills. I was given encouragement to keep going. With affiliate marketing it's not just one website. You need to join and write for many free sites to drive traffic to the blog site. Step up and just do it. It can be tweaked later. Ask questions when you hit a snag. Work early in the day when possible so that your questions may be answered the same day. I am working with Team 2.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thrive Helps Michael Make Healthy Progress

I have had 2 sales on eBay for a total of $46.5. We feel like we have quite a ways to go to be super successful, but we know that it will take some time. We are getting more comfortable with listing items, but it is like shopping for groceries when you are hungry you start adding this and that and next thing you know you have put some money into one listing. We know the old additive you have to spend money to make money, so we will keep it up.

The advice we have received from Team 2A on the listings has helped me become more expressive in my descriptions. Shipping costs when you list "free shipping" can be much more than the item you just sold. Will do our best to avoid that in the future. Watch the videos on shipping and supplies as soon as possible. Make copies of sales paper work and tracking numbers and keep in a file. The first was a soup tureen from Pfaltzgraff and the second was two side door mirrors for classic cars.

Michael K.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Michael Make $185

I have had 2 sales on eBay with a profit of $185. I feel really excited to have sold my items on eBay. Now I know that it works and people do buy things off of eBay. Preston has been very helpful and helping me keep a positive attitude because at first I was doubtful that this was going to work but now that I have sold something I am not so doubtful. The obstacles I have overcome is my fear that this does not work Just stick with it, it will work not over night but it will work. I am on Team 2. The types of Items I was selling was an oscilloscope and a multimeter.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Annette Makes First Sale!

This was my first sale on eBay for $35.75 I was afraid to list anything, afraid it would not sell. I did list some things from home that did not sell. Nick gave me some very good tips on changing my listing that sold.

After I changed it, it sold 1 or 2 days later. Shipping is not hard if you have the supplies you need. You have to list items to make any money. You can't make any money if you don't list any items. I've only sold one item so far, but it seems like adding a picture and enhancing my listing is what sold it. I am working with Team 2. My item sold was Hand Warmers.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Martin Makes His First $250 with Thrive Learning Institute

I have had 4 sales on eBay with a profit of $250. My experience so far has been very good. They gave me a lot of good tips about formatting the description of the item, as well as how to write it. Also, they made some suggestions about making better pictures to go with it. My biggest struggle so far has been primarily ignorance. I have had some experience with this, but not much. They were able to pass on things they knew so that I wouldn't have to learn the hard way. This is very do-able. You learn how to make a proper ad and how to pick a product to sell, you can definitely make money doing this. It's just a matter of getting in there and doing it. I have sold Cell phones and computer peripherals.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Victoria Values Her Experience

My overall experience so far with the program and Team 2 has been great. I Always had prompt feedback although there were a few times when I got locked out of the site because the passwords were dumped in the process of updating. I learned useful tips in building a retail ecommerce store that I'll be able to use in other applications. Lightwave is NOT an easy, drag and drop web building application. If I hadn't had prior experience in building sites I may have thrown up my hands and walked away. This really needs to be made much more user friendly. It's nice to have tech support but nicer to be able to build it yourself. If I had a learning curve and have experience, the curve must be humongous for those with no background. My advice is don't assume you know how to do something and skip a step. All the steps make sense and you'll learn even though you may already know how something is done.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jerry Makes over $500!

9 eBay sales for $547.5. I realize now there is a lot more to selling on Ebay than some people would have you believe. Coaching help has been good, especially reviewing my listings and making recommendations. Success is all about presenting your product in the proper format.

From my ancient marketing courses I keep the four P's in mind. The right PRODUCT, Promotion, place and Price. Making sure I have all the costs factored into the pricing. It has been very easy for me to miss some of the costs incurred, especially on smaller items. Also you have to make sure the shipping method is adequate for your item and the cost is correct. I had to change in one instance from a priority small box to a medium. Price increase from 4.80 to 9.85, ouch! The listing templates are a great tool once you learn to use them. I had a difficult time with various aspects of this. Experience is a great teacher and I get better daily.

Don't get discouraged. Experiment with smaller items of little or no real value to yourself. Pay attention to details. Don't concentrate so much on the price as offering the customer a professional buying experience. The money will then come as a result of their efforts.Consumer electronics, tools ( power and hand), electrical items and safety items.

Jerry S.

Keith is Having a Positive Experience with Thrive

12 Sales on eBay for $199.64. Positive experience with great tips and critique from coach. Have helped me to gain experience through their encouragement and motivational teaching. A bit slow at first as I was (and still am) learning the ropes.Only real mistakes (2) i've made was underpricing items and not allowing for postage costs.

I tried to keep my auction prices very low as was suggested to me, but for example I sold a shirt for £2.50 and it cost me £2.89 to post it! I've learnt from that and put it down to experience! A lot of info to take in and absorb, but work through it at your own pace and I can see it will pay rich dividends. I have sold Shirts, an Umbrella, Shoes, BBQ tool set, Gents manicure set, Golf bags, Golf clubs - both a set of irons and individual clubs, dust sheets,golf waterproofs, golf virtual swing trainer.

Keith B

Theodore Making it with Thrive Learning Institute

2 so far $100.01. There is so much to learn about how to buy and sell on E-Bay.I think that once I feel more comfortable with the E-Bay process, I will become a more effective seller. Finding the right items to sell is a very big challenge right now. I eventually want to develop my own web site and have an E-Bay store. My coach Charity is very knowledgeable and I am trying very hard to absorb everything I can from her. I feel fortunate to have her as my mentoring coach.

I have sold my first two items and that in itself is a milestone for me. Be ready to accept new concepts and ideas concerning buying and selling on E-Bay. There is so much to learn, so just be ready to learn everything you can from experienced and successful mentors who are ready to impart this knowledge.

Theodore Z.

Stacy Makes Good Money With eBay!

9 sales on eBay for $408.44! The coaches are great about reviewing listings and giving great feedback! I had not been able to figure out how the "top sellers" were making their descriptions look so good with pics, etc. I have figured it out! Thanks!! Just keep moving forward... Baby Steps If Necessary! To this point I have been selling a wide variety of items; cleaning out closets and cabinets. I have had some success with yard sale items and have sold one dropship item.


David Finds Success with Thrive Learning Institute

A journey of a thousand begins with the first step and sometimes you trip. I did not use my coaches as i should have. Posted without checking and let coaches know after. They critiqued after and I learned the hard way. Life is a learning process and you are never to old to learn. Ignorance.I am learning do's and don'ts. Ability. Learning's anyone can. Knowledge. Not necessarily the need , more the means Anyone can give up, but that is not the road to success. If you think you can't, you wont. If you think you can, you may. If you commit and put forth the effort you will.

-David W.

Diane V. Makes First Sale!

I feel good about my experience just waiting on feedback from my first customer! The coaches gave me pointers/suggestions on my listings and I updated as necessary. I was able to complete both listings without help from the coaches, as the info in the benchmarks/tutorials is excellent however, it's nice to have them available if I do have questions. Take that first leap. It will all work out.

-Diane V.

Thrive Student Gives Pointers

I have made my first
sale for $11.99. I am very Happy with the coaching I have recieved.
Some obstacles I have overcome are:
1. Finding a good micro-niche.
2. Writing articles for my site and article backlink sites.
3. Designing my first web-site.
Advice for future students:

1. Be persistent-don't give up.
2. Don't be afraid to ask any and all questions to your coach.
3. You never stop learning.

-Erin N.

Thrive Coaches Make Learning Easy

My Coach walked me through set-up, which made it very easy. Viewing the related video was a great help also. Writing posts was not that difficult for me as
I love to write, but the research into the product I am featuring took
a lot more time than I expected. But, overall, I felt a lot more
confident when those basic tasks were completed.

Taking 'baby steps' made everything less overwhelming. On first
reading the complete list of things to accomplish, I was tempted to
throw up my hands and thought I might not be up to the task ahead.
However, focusing on one thing at a time made it all possible without
getting completely stressed. Sometimes I felt like I was being led
with a 'blindfold' on....which is a stressful thing for me. As I came
to know my team and followed their leading, without knowing every
little detail in advance, I learned to trust them and was less

I've always been a person who needs to know exactly where I'm going
and exactly what route to take and what I'm going to find when I get
there. A 'road map' isn't good enough. I usually take a 'test
drive'--just to see what I might encounter--well before the time I
need to make the actual trip.

So, my natural inclinations were my biggest obstacle. I couldn't
'see' far enough ahead. Anyone else just beginning their training
program should be encouraged by the fact that their team members
really do know what they're doing. They are ready and willing to make
the learning process as painless as possible. You are not just left
to 'sink or swim.' And they are generous with words of encouragement
and praise.

-Barbara C.

Michael's Experience "Wonderful"

Affiliate My experience setting up was wonderful, working with the coaches was great, every questions I had they answer while pointing me and keeping me on the right track, two thumbs up for the coaches that help me. Biggest Obstacle: I was setting up a blog site, and I had problem importing templates and editing my blogs. Future Students: pay attention, take notes and most of all listen to your coaches.


Adam on His Way to Success

I have made 2 sales on eBay for $113. I feel very Good and satisfied with the coaching. My biggest obstacle has been trying to overcome laziness when I'm not exhausted from my primary job. It has to be something you want to do. You have to know that its going to happen before you even start. Nothing will be done for you. Your going to have to work hard for what you want, but like anything. What you put into it is what you'll get out of it. When its done your reward will be what you've learned and happiness knowing your on a new road to success.

I do agree that people are creatures of habit. Being able to step outside the box to change your life is even greater than any money you'll ever make. Now if I could only find the right woman. One who when she sleeps I could look at her and and ask god, why? And thank him every day I'm with her. I might be a fool to believe love concerns all. Being in love with someone who fulfills my every happiness and someone who will share all my life experiences no matter what to me means more than any amount of money I could ever make or want. Someone like that to me is what being successful is.

-Adam L.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Sky is The Limit For Sam

Hey Thrive,

So far, So good. I really think that I can take this somewhere. Finding the time and understanding what niche to get into. Future Students: Keep trying, keep working at it and see where it leads you.

Samuel F

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect For Terah

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

I am excited about the prospects of making a good income thru eBay. My coaches have been wonderful; encouraging and knowledgeable. I have learned to expand my listing titles to reach a larger number of potential buyers. I have also learned the importance of detailed descriptions, good photos and offering low starting prices and reduced shipping fees. Don't be discouraged if the items you are initially selling are low dollar items. You will work your way up to the big bucks. Practice makes perfect.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Allen's Eyes Are Opened With Thrive Learning Institute

Thrive Learning,

Its a true learning experience. The coaches has been a big help as far as checking out our auctions and giving us tips to better them. Were learning how to better list our auctions. Were still having trouble on finding a niche that we can compete in. Its a whole new ball field. Takes alot of hard work, and alot of time.

Allen Robertson

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Gives Gwen Confidence

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

It was a bit scary at first, but the coaches helped to boast confidence and gave helpful advise after the first time the items didn't sell. To future students, be teachable. Take the advise give they all have different areas strong points, all which were good in the learning process. Don't stop learning.

Gwen Brooks

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lloyd Presses on With Thrive's Encouragement

Thrive Learning Institute,

The benchmarks are helping me gradually build my business. They are given good feedback and advice. My initial sales have been very low prices, but I think with a more focused product that will change. Learning is self-paced, so there isn't a lot of pressure just encouragement and assurance that success is possible.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Persistence is Key


Getting started has been trying at times. I think my biggest obstacle has been knowing when to proceed with the next step such as setting up a website or getting a dropship account, etc. Understanding the process was a little difficult. Knowing how profits were going to come in wasn't very clear to me at the start. The videos and coaches have been very helpful in guiding me through the process. Future students: Get through the first couple weeks and know it can be done.


Thrive Learning Institute Teaches Gail Market Research

Dear Thrive,

Jonathan is great and always encouraging to me, I felt so good my first thought was finally I have made a little money, then the next item sold and I was very disappointed as it sold for a dollar and the bid did not go as I had hoped which I had spoken with Jonathan about at great length. I learned that you really do have to research out your products you may like them but the buyers may not and I learned that you need to dress up your product's and you may draw more buyers to your product. For new students do as your coach tells you they know what they are doing and never give up.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Allen Thrives With eBay

Hi My name is Allen and my first item on eBay sold for $180.50! I feel really good about selling on eBay. Its a place to find decent deals and to give people good deals. The main thing that my coaches has done was actually setting me up with the things to do this.

I am learning to work with my brain now other then the physical contents. Its a whole new ball field for me. And a whole new experience. Future Students: Be strong mentally. Do not quit. Do not give up and do not wimp out. Not now. Not never.

Thrive Helps Joyce Be Persistent

I am Joyce and I have made 2 eBay sales for $10. It's been great and my coaches have answered all my questions. I have overcome many obstacles because I still get overwhelmed with too many details all at once, but my coaches just keep telling me I'm ok and I'm doing everything I should be.

I am too hard on myself and think I should be going faster, although I know my brain can only hold so much at one sitting. Future Students: take you time and just keep moving forward.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cyndi Soars with Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

Before coming to Thrive, I tried numerous 'own your own business' plans. Some were more successful than others, but nothing really worked well for me. Since beginning to work with Thrive about 18 months ago, I have learned much more about business in general, web business more specifically, than any of the other programs taught me. I now know more about marketing and product niches than before, and much more about keywords, tag lines, etc. than I ever even considered. My business is still small, but continues to grow. I have made over $1600 in gross sales since I began. I am hoping to achieve a steady income from my business, one that would supplement the income from my current job & potentially replace it down the line. I look forward to continue working with Thrive.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sarah Great Advice for Future Students of Thrive Learning Institute

My name is Sarah and I have sold 2 items on eBay for $109. The overall eBay experience has been a good one. It has been a couple of years since I sold anything on eBay, so, I had to work my way through it, gingerly for the first one, doing my research on each, but as I progressed, it became easier and easier.

Our coaches have been there for me, cheering me on, and I have one page and 2 listings on another page, now. When I listed the first one or two , I sent the coaches an email, telling them and giving them the listing #s. I continue sending in the listing numbers to them. To future students, don't be afraid...ask questions of your coaches, and above all, DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Know your product , inside and out, and be prepared to spend a lot of time on it, at first, and then, it becomes easier and you will list them more quickly. Persevere!!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miriam give Thrive Learning Institute a 9 out of 10


My name is Miriam and I would rate my experience with Thrive's coaching a 9 out of 10! I am very pleased with my coaching experience. Being guided and given personal attention is just what I need. Being able to reach the team by phone, email, and chat room is great. They are always polite and helpful.

They give me the space to make my own decisions and learn from my mistakes. I'm excited with my blogs and look forward to the next step. I just learned about the on-line webinars and archives which I feel will also be very helpful to me. I like that they call each Friday to check up on me. When I go to chat on the internet and they quickly respond. Future Students: Listen to the audios and videos on your niche and follow their directions. Don't give up. Persevere and you will learn what to do. They are there to help you.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Craig is Making Great Progress with Thrive Learning Institute

Thrive Learning Institute,

My name is Craig and I have made 2 sales on eBay for a total of $91! I was surprised how easy it was to find something my family wasn't using at the home and post it on eBay. The coaches provided GREAT critiques and feedback that I feel helped me stand out on the eBay listings. The major obstacle for me was understanding how I can take something from my home and sell it to someone else who would actually use it.

The videos about how many people use eBay, how much money exchanges hands on eBay, and so on were really eye opening for me. These first steps on eBay may seem trivial and like you really aren't getting too much accomplished. If you do them and follow through with what the coaches suggest and follow the advice and benchmarks thoroughly, you'll find yourself feeling accomplished even after these little efforts. Hang in there and be excited for what's to come.


Craig is Making Great Progress with Thrive Learning Institute

Thrive Learning Institute,

My name is Craig and I have made 2 sales on eBay for a total of $91! I was surprised how easy it was to find something my family wasn't using at the home and post it on eBay. The coaches provided GREAT critiques and feedback that I feel helped me stand out on the eBay listings. The major obstacle for me was understanding how I can take something from my home and sell it to someone else who would actually use it.

The videos about how many people use eBay, how much money exchanges hands on eBay, and so on were really eye opening for me. These first steps on eBay may seem trivial and like you really aren't getting too much accomplished. If you do them and follow through with what the coaches suggest and follow the advice and benchmarks thoroughly, you'll find yourself feeling accomplished even after these little efforts. Hang in there and be excited for what's to come.


Couple Makes $2800 with Thrive Learning Institute

Hi Thrive Learning Institute,

Ted & I continue to experiment with eBay. Listing things in auction in different categories to get attention to our store. We have been using Packing Slips with our Store Name on them & Logo, We made some business cards and are including them with the packing slip along with a promotional flyer and a small 3"X3" handmade Thank you! card.

Our sales for the last 7 days is $501.00, 90 days is now $2800.00

Our original goal before we started with Thrive was to make at least $100.00 per week on ebay. We really only started in May with that goal so we feel that we are learning a lot and progressing.

Keep up the good work Thrive,
Annette & Ted

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harry is Making Great Progress with Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

I have made 10 sales on eBay for a total of $174.38. I had a pretty hard time starting out because I had to learn a lot of basic stuff. My coaches have had to show me a lot of elementary dreck that I should have already known. My coaches for the most part seem to be patient-for that I'm grateful. I'm really a beginner when it comes to ebay, but I'm learning little by little.

I just sold a trilobite fossil ring for $46. Actually that's about right for this ring-maybe a little high, but she wanted it pretty bad! Probably the only thing is that it is very important to actively jump in and do the steps. Keep whittling away at the things you don't know. Eventually you'll figure it out. If you have to call for help-do it. I feel good about the way I'm progressing, and I'm sure that I am going to be able to do much more soon.


Naomi Thanks Thrive Learning Institute

Thrive Learning Institute,

My name is Naomi and I would rate my coaching experience a 10 out of 10. I sincerely appreciate the fact that my coaches show concern when I do not progress and I intend to "bug" them a lot in the near future. They are always courteous even though they have a right to be impatient with me and always answer my questions fully. I am pleased with what I have learned and the progress thus far. My biggest success has been finding Thrive. I tried to figure all this out on my own a few years ago, but didn't find the direction and help I needed. To future students: I would assure you that your associates are sincere in their efforts to help you get started in internet marketing.

Josh's Traffic is Skyrocketing with the help of Thrive Learning Insitute

Hey Thrive Learning Institute!

So yesterday I had told you I made 2 sales with Amazon. Well, I checked my account this morning and there were 43 ordered items. I think I got all of them from this ad that I had made on AdWords for an aStore of inspirational books that I created.I also checked my Analytics this morning and the unique visitors for Writing Tattoos had doubled from yesterday (100 to 200).
My focus now is going to be writing articles. So, just let me know what else you got for me and I'll start working on it.

Thanks for your help!
- Josh

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mr. Harris Finds Success with Thrive Learning Institute

Thrive Learning Institute,

My name is W. Harris and I have sold 6 items on eBay for a total of $227.84. The coaches have done a very good job with my questions and their instructions and guidance has been very helpful. So far my experience with Ebay has been exciting and a very good learning experience. I need to sell smarter and learn and concentrate on selling ever increasing value items as well as the small items. We need to run more auctions and find more items to sell.

I feel that as I learn the system, I will become a smarter Ebay seller. In starting a new business you always will have obstacles, and when you figure them out, you will have a new set of obstacles. I am sure that the situations we have had to overcome will be different than the ones each other person will have to overcome, but what ever those are, try to keep focused and keep your eyes on the ball.

There is a lot of information to absorb and process, but ask a lot of questions and keep moving forward. Don't let yourself down. I would say to future students that there is a lot of information to learn to make this business work, but make sure you go through the benchmarks and study the system and it will work for you.

At first you will have some exciting moments and some not so exciting, but just hang in there and keep your motivation going and it will work for you. Do not give up or get discouraged because I really do believe the folks at Thrive know what they are doing. We are still young in the business, but I can see the future and you will get it, just don't give up. Don't let anything slow you down. Just keep listing the items and follow the leaders.

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Sue Sell Her First Item On Ebay

Thrive Learning Institute,

I did it, I sold my very first item on Internet Aug. 5, 2009! It was an Apple iPod. It probably took me twice as long to post it as most people. When I worked for the Govt., you did not innovate, or originate, you just worked the program.
I shipped this item today.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Cuts Through The Nonsense

Dear Thrive Learning Institute

The coaches are excellent, the coaches on Team 2B were always helpful, always encouraging, always positive. Finding a supplier is huge. The most wonderful thing was finding a niche. I paid for this sort of coaching and training from another company nearly two years ago and they had me spend a couple of months examining my hobbies and interest, writing pages and pages and pages of lists of things that I liked and then doing web research that was not all that effective.

I never found a niche that I could find any products for at all, and they never ever had me check to see how much competition I'd have. You cut through all that nonsense, my coaches convinced me that my hobbies and interests were irrelevant, showed me how to find a niche with enough interest and not too much competition. Brilliant! It was all worth it. If I know how to do all that I can build another web site and another. If it takes six of them to reach my income goal, at least I'll be able to reach it.


Ben Gets His First Sale

I have made 1 sale so far for a total of 14.99. eBay has been easy, fun and exciting to make my first sale, in just a few days. The lessons through Thrive have been easy, the videos are informative and a great resource for review. The coaches have given answers to my questions, promptly and professional support. They truly want my business to succeed!

You can get a business up and running in such a short time. Create positive feedback, navigate easily in the site, buy and sell, bid, ship and pay, all at ease with to do reminders from eBay, PayPal. With a commitment to succeed and reach your personal goals, the Thrive Learning Institute coach support teams and lessons, are fast and easy, with seeing daily progress, creating excitement to reach them.


Jill Gets Going With Thrive Learning Institute

I'm satisfied that my progress is going as well as possible considering that I've had to learn a lot of this stuff from scratch. I realize that my coaches can't spoon-feed me this material; I have to learn it on my own. I've learned a tremendous amount already and I've also done a great deal of research. I spend a lot of time studying and doing assignments, and I intend to do more as I become more accustomed to the work. I've had to learn a lot of basic operations the hard way.


Jerry Gets HIs First Sale

Thrive Learning Institute

On Tuesday July 28th, I listed my first sale item on eBay. About 30 minutes after the listing posted, I received an “item has sold” notice. I was stunned. I knew items can go very quickly, but I did not think it would happen to me, especially on the very first sale item. It was a good feeling, but I knew that this is far from the normal. One day it might happen again.

If the listing is done so the buyers are intrigued and have the feeling that they can’t live without the item, it is a good listing and you should have lots of bids and a successful sale.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beverly and Thrive Learning Institute Strive For Success

Hello Thrive Learning Institute:

Thank you so much for your support during this new endeavor of mine of building a web site. Without your assistance, I'm positive this experience would have been overwhelming. Your continuous and very helpful advice made this a very meaningful and productive project. I learned so much and I appreciate your methods of instruction.

Your Team has been helpful, kind and always available when I've called or e-mailed you. You've helped make this experience an enjoyable one. I want you to know that it is sincerely appreciated.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vasu is Pleased With Thrive Learning Institute's Program

Thrive Learning Institute,

I must mention that I enjoy every bit of the program in that they have been prepared very professionally, especially for beginners like me. The step-by-step guidance provided by the videos have also been presented in a beautiful manner - simple, clear and very easy to understand and


Skeptical at First Mitch Strive's for Success With Thrive Learning Institute

I’ve been involved at different levels in small business ventures before but never from the Ecommerce side of things. My passion for business coupled with Jeff Paul's Coach's experience and knowledge base has enabled me to successfully set up an online business. I’m still in the early marketing phases of my site but have very high hopes based off of my interactions with Jeff Paul's Coach's from Thrive Learning Institute so far. I’ve needed quite a lot of hand holding through this process and the coaches and website technicians have performed beautifully guiding me through every step.

I can honestly say if I were to try this on my own it would have taken ten times as long. From the vantage point of someone nearing completion of this program and looking back on all the courses of action and little finicky processes I’m pretty confident I would have missed some or many of these on my own. Going beyond the instruction, they provide you with quite a few invaluable resources that enable you to research markets, do graphic design, and network with distributors.

I was very hesitant and quite skeptical about this program when first introduced. I felt like I was taking a major gamble with a lot of money on a company I didn’t know very much about. It seemed like another get rich quick internet scam. They were able to instill enough confidence in me that I made the leap and infused a relatively large financial investment into the program and I’m glad I did. I quickly learned it definitely was not a get rich quick scam, I’ve had to put some hard work into it and I don’t plan on getting rich from it.

My main goals were to supplement my income, which I’m working on, and gain the general knowledge of how to run an internet business, this I have accomplished. If you put enough work into it the coaches will not only keep you pointed in the right direction but they’ll work with you to build your business so it’s successful. Once you have them working alongside you all you need to do is put the effort in and you’ll have a business you can be proud of. Thank you Team 3B, I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put in on my behalf to ensure my success.


Angela Teams With Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

It was so nice to speak to Preston today. I filled him in on my progress so far, but Preston requested that I document it for all of you and that I try to get it to you today. Here it is, as promised.

I'll start by saying how pleased I am with Thrive Learning Institute and Team 2C's teaching and support. I know now that this is not something you venture into on your own. What I love most is that there's always someone there to reach out to for help; you don't wait long to get a response and you all care so much about the beginner's success. You have devised a program that is absolutely awesome. There's volumes to learn and some days I don't know how I'll get to learn it all, but in time I know I will.

After attending to all the steps to begin; namely, getting set up with selling on Ebay (I had already been a purchaser with excellent feedback); a premier account with Paypal, downloading the necessary tools, beginning with the assignments in Benchmarks on eLibrary (and what a great site that is----loaded with information and tools), I began listing with Ebay and Amazon. With the support of the 2C Team, I am working at fine-tuning the listings, which takes quite a bit of practice, trial and error. (Thanks, Preston, for your emails with plenty of excellent tips on improving my skills at listing, an enormous help.)

All my listings thus far are from many, many items in my apartment which I inherited from an estate. I am trying to list as many per day as time will permit, with the goal of making more and more improvements as I go along. I'm new at this, so sales have so far amounted to only about $125.00, but I am not discouraged by this as I keep focused on reaching my goals. Right now I am vigorously searching and researching for products to sell and find it to be a most time-consuming as well as challenging endeavor.

I don't know how you match a student with a coach, but you sure did pick a great one for me. I have no doubt all the coaches are wonderful.

All of you at Thrive do a fantastic job and I am so grateful to all of you. My heartfelt thanks!

Kudos to Jim for the wonderful coaching program he has put together, for his dedication, for his most informative newsletters filled with money-making tips, success stories and the great bonuses offered. It's almost impossible to keep up with it all.

With all best wishes,

Warren Makes $200 with Thrive

Thrive Learning Institute,

I want to tell Team 2A thank you for helping me get started with my Ebay account. I have sold $200.00 since I started. Also want to express how much the e-library has helped me. It is so good to be able to go and refer back to the e-library.


Fred And Thrive Learning Institute Lay the Foundation for Success

Thrive Learning Institute,

I would like to start by saying that team 2a has help me immensely with getting my site up especially Natasha. I thank the whole team. I talked with each member of the team at least once. Each member of the team helped me at one point and were glad to do so. the tech support side was almost as good most were friendly and eager to help. This has been a vary stressful undertaking and one of the hardest events I have ever done. I am proud of myself that I did get my site up and running and I do have to thank the team and tech support for that. they helped me so much. I hope that I start getting customers soon so that all my hard work and the teams hard work for that matter begins to pay off.Thank you


Jerry and Deana Get Their First Sale With The Help of Thrive Learning Institute!

Good morning Nick,

The item sold for $9.99 plus shipping. You guys were very helpful in getting this first item sold for us. I have never even been on Ebay before, let alone selling anything using them.

Thank you,
Jerry and Deana

Thrive Learning Institute Helps as Corinne Reaches $1000

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

Well, I have reached over my $1000 in gross sales and I wanted to let the Team's supervisor know how much I appreciate the Team! In a word, the team has been GREAT!

They have been there for me through whatever obstacles and challenges I had to face and there were plenty. Whether it was road blocks with Ebay or finding a niche and drop shipper, they have been encouraging and that really helps. This is fun and rewarding but not easy and it takes time, effort, diligence, etc. The Team is kind and knows what to do and say to help me sustain my motivation during the bad and good.

I enjoy the Team as people too! The personalities are a great fit with me and they feel like friends. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with them. I will keep on going, no doubt with the help from the Team!

Very Sincerely, Corinne

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daisy Gets Her Site Up And Running - Thrive Learning Institute

Here are my thoughts on the process so far:

I have just completed building my site selling bird houses which took approximately 7 weeks from the time of entering the program. The coaches were an instrumental part of achieving this success. They were always available to help when I found myself stuck and unsure how to proceed. The response time was very quick to my questions so I was not delayed in moving to the next stages. For the most part the videos were very helpful.

My challenges were primarily around understanding how the pieces fit together some times so I would have appreciated a quick summary from the start so that I knew what was coming next. I did have to re-do some of the work after the fact due to learning some details along the way but I chalk that up to the educational process. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it requires extra time so you can learn from your mistakes.

That being said I’ve learned a ton from both the coaches and the process that I would like to apply to building a bigger business.

My advice to future students would be to contact the coaches right away if you have any questions as there’s no need to struggle when you have people who are going to help you succeed. Take the time up front to do your research properly so that you can get excited about your business and the potential it has.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Stephen Succeeds with Ebay with Thrive Learning Institute's Help

Thrive Learning Institute,

I listed 6 items on EBay for 7 days. My team critiqued them and told me some changes I could make so I did and sold 1 item at the Buy it now price on the second day! I sold 3 more by the end of the Day. Not bad for second time selling :) made profit of about

Thanks Thrive Learning Institute


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Succeeds As Rob Succeeds

Dear Thrive Learning Institute

Hi, I would just like to say Thank you to everybody on Team2A, For the wonderful help you have given me. My massager ended up selling for more then double what I paid for it.

With you guys showing me listing tips, how to increase the effectiveness of my title name, and what to list in the description. Due to my great listing ;) a lot of people ended up watching the item. And i did have over 130 hits on something that isn't popular on ebay.

I thank all of you for your tips, I really appreciate your quick response time and how quickly I felt like I could trust and work you as my team. I wish I could call this success all mine, but i guess it is shared. One more thing, You four are great knowledgeable coaches. Thank you and I look forward to my next big step.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps John Get His First Sale!

Thrive Learning Institute,

Thanks for all your help Coaches of Team2a especially Nick (on Google Adwords). I had my first sale on the Fourth of July. All 3 items this person bought were from the Toddler Classics page - Net Profit $20.92

Thank you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Bob Get Going

Just want to say Thank You for all you did for me so far. I have sold $134.94 on E-Bay so far. My Web Site is starting to shape up, Thanks Nick for the time you have spent with me. I really do appreciate it, Thanks also to Grant for his help and I didn't forget Jon and Natasha, Thanks!!

HAPPY 4th of July to you all

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps as Michael Gets His First Sale!

Thrive Learning Institute,

My first auction resulted in a sale of my Bose Wave Music System for $232.49! A little less than the $250.00 I hoped to get based on my research but not bad considering my listing was very unprofessional looking. Thanks for your help.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Student As He Reaches Over $1000 in sales

Hello Rob,

We have had a total of $1111.54 in gross sales. That is from Jan 24 through May 15. We had 11 sales in that time.I have not had a sale since May 15. I have had a profit of about $200 dollars, but that is not including any expenses.

T. F.

"J" Grosses $4,000 with the help of Thrive Learning Institute

Greetings to the Marketeers at Thrive Learning Institute,

Last September when I embarked on this endeavor, I never expected to have a website up and doing the things [my website] is doing. It has a page rank of 1 and for most of its keywords can be found on the first couple of pages of Google. It also has a strong showing on MSN and Yahoo. It has grossed just over $4,000.00 in sales .

[my website] did well through the Christmas holiday and despite the economic downturn has continued to sell as late as this morning when I sold my latest bow hunters Ghillie.

I have enjoyed the benefit of some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, from the coaches, the support team, the reactive team, and of course Marketing. I anticipate a profitable year for [my company] which Thrive Learning Institute has helped me build.
- J

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Clients Overcome Obstacles

Dear Tyler,

Thank you for your call. I am about 6 weeks into the program now. I had a website already in place. So much of the work was to get it redone. I have found the team to be very courteous and friendly and helpful. When I have called them they have gotten back to me fairly promptly. I must say that I am learning a new language in all this. I am a perfectionist and I have put a lot of energy into this to get it right.

As far as obstacles overcome I would say learning something new is always stressing. I have been learning new software for the site, new language and in general new insights. I find it very fascinating and interesting.

For new students I would say, take each step and complete it and try not to get overwhelmed. There is so much to learn, but I must say the team has made it so much easier. Thank You Thrive Learning Institute.

Dr. JT

Monday, June 15, 2009

Greg Gets a $1300 Sale With Thrive Learning Institute's Help

It sold for $1,299.99. I stand to make about $45.00 on the deal....however it is such
a rush when you put the work in and get the reward ! Thanks Guys...
Like I said I am going to post 5-7 items a week.,..7 items going up this weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lowell Keeps Profiting with Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,
WOW! Since launching my eBay Store last week, my sales really jumped by the end of the week!

These items netted me about $160.00.

They were bidding like crazy!
One thing I learned quickly. A store will keep you busy. It's fun, but I think I am ready to go into the next level of drop shippers.
Will you assign me some homework to keep me on track or what? Please let me know.
Thanks. Lowell

Kimberly Wins Big With Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great training. I like the fact that I can go my own speed on the videos (which can also be a bad thing too - procrastination). Anyway, I posted and sold 4 items on eBay . I netted $260 on these 4 sales. I can't wait to post my next item on eBay Motors. There are a lot of videos to watch but I am definitely learning from each one of them.

Thanks - Kimberly

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Celebrates with Guylene

I want to thank Grant, Natasha, Matt, John, and Drew for all the great support they have given me. I never could have done this with out your help. You all are wonderful.!!!!!

You all can celebrate with me, I sold two bird cages this week-end!!! My first sales, I was so excited.....I sold a large wrought iron dome cage 41x28x72 and a Corner wrought iron cage 37x27x63....Wahooooo.

Again I want to personally thank each and every one of you. You all do a great job.
I know I'm not done needing your help, but I feel like I can do anything with your help. Thanks again to you all.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lowell Soaring with Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

I had another successful sales week on Ebay!I ended up for the month with 35 items sold for $301.45 total sales and a net sales of $242.42!!!!

On Sunday I listed another 31 items so I could have more inventory to open my eBay Store on Monday, 6/1/09. I did this successfully at the Basic Store level and went into Manage My Store to list categories for my 41 items. I signed up for Selling Manager and Sales Reports Plus also. I will be adding more inventory to my store the remainder of the week.

This was neato (Old '60's phrase!) and I appreciate all of your help!



Friday, June 5, 2009

Debra Is Ecstatic As She Gets Her First Sales With Thrive Learning Institute's Help

Hi Thrive Learning Institute and members of team 3b,
We must say that we are very quite impressed with the technical help and coaching techniques we receive from you and your team members. It is so pleasing to see that we sold an unlocked used sony ericsson walkman camera phone on the 1st day after listing it on ebay! Someone bought it for the buy it now feature which was $65.00, the profit was $ 31.00!! This was my 2nd listing on ebay since starting my business.

My 1st listing, an item from home, which was 5 energizer watch batteries was also sold on the same day as the phone, for $3.00 buy it now, making $0.60 profit!! This double sale increased our excitement and confirmed for us that what we are doing works. We have very little computer skills but the step by step approach and quick response from the coaches, make this business easy to become successful. We couldn't have done this without Thrive Learning Institute. Thanks!


Thrive Learning Institute Gives Back

Press Release: Thrive Learning Institute Teams With Special Olympics To Create Memorable Experiences

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Student Avoid Scammer


I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone at Thrive Learning Institute know how excited and pleased I am to have taken the opportunity you are providing. First of all, thanks for the treats!

Initially, as I am sure everyone is, I was skeptical. However the continued effort from everyone on the team to keep me going has been wonderful! I am at a crossroads in my life right now with a new family starting, and having just got laid off due to economic reasons.

I have three different things going now (school, Thrive, and now a job). Having nearly overextended myself this support is really helping me keep my long term goals with this venture.

My best experience thus far was with an e-mail I got that regarded one of my items for sale. It matched one of the attacks that I was warned about in the online material. However, there were subtle things in it that made it seem more legitimate.

I forwarded the e-mail to my team. The team conferred, and they felt it could be legitimate. They did tell me to respond with some very specific requests to the potential buyer to ensure it was legitimate. I followed the advice provided. Afterwards, I did not hear back from that individual. It was indeed a scam that I would not have been able to as easily avoid without your assistance.

Again, I want to thank Team 2A for everything you are doing. My family and I are very pleased with the support you have provided.

- Sam

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heather Makes $464 thanks to Thrive Learning Institute

Team 3D,

We have sold 6 items on Ebay!!! We bought 3 of the products off of ebay, like you told us to so we could build our feedback, for $68.40. We then turned around and sold those same items back on ebay for a HUGE profit (1 for $111.77, 1 for $130.00, and 1 for $135.00). We bought another product for $51.30 and turned around and sold it again for $87.00! So we are on our way thanks to you guys! I do find the benchmarks very helpful at times when I am lost and need to figure things out. Everyone is very helpful and keeps me motivated to keep moving along. Thanks for all of your help!

Thanks again,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Melanie Stikes Gold With Thrive Learning Institute

Hi Kit,

I just wanted to thank you and the other coaches for taking the time to work with me. I have always been skeptical of selling things online. After buying this program- I started taking photos of some of the stuff I had at home (including my daughter's old bed). We listed it on craigslist and it sold within 3 hours...for $500. I got so excited that I started putting more things online, including some office furniture and old computers since we were moving our offices. We even promoted our office sale on craigslist (because there is no fee) and got some really good buyers. I also discovered that I can sell things online for 4-5 times more money than having a garage sale.

In just one week of posting and selling items that were taking up space, I have made $1,500! That has already paid back my initial investment in Thrive Learning Institute. I can't believe I waited years to actually try to sell something online. I don't know why I was so afraid to simply try it. For a self-professed "techno phobe" like me - that is a major step. This gave me the confidence to build a website and finally make money on the internet & not rely on an IT person or internet marketer to make all the money while I have all the risk and do all the work.

Thank you for empowering me to think globally and to never have to have a garage sale again!



Friday, May 29, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Provides Excellence on Every Level

"Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement." - Peter Drucker

It is well said that nothing is possible without grounded knowledge of the things in which you want to excel. Be it just passing an examination or truly succeeding in a business venture, you require amazing stamina and strength and necessary knowledge to face the tough competition. Especially to conquer in business, one has to be on his toes twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Right from launching his business to spreading it wider, everything requires careful planning and implementation. Having quality training is very helpful in this regard and Thrive Learning Institute delivers on every level.

There are many online learning institutes cropping up. No doubt more numbers of such institutes are the sign of growing awareness among people about the necessity of such training. But it is necessary to choose the right institution that will personally train you to handle every situation in business online. Thus, even you can build your own highly profitable business with the help of experts how have been there and who now want to give back.

That's why the institutes like Thrive Learning Institute are said to possess expert faculties to deal with major and minor issues of business training. Gaining confidence to carry on any business and turn it into a revenue abode is very important. So, even if you have launched a website, it is necessary to promote it professionally so that the site traffic increases and you increase the chances of better sale figures.

There are many ways to promote a site like articles writing and submitting to directories, email list building, search engine optimization, starting a business blog, advertising on social networking sites, submitting the website to various search engines, etc. but each of these ways to convert your website into money-vending machine, requires expertise and with expert help, it can be done faster and skillfully. That''s why the Thrive learning institute is said to engage its students in such training that helps them sort out difficult business problems.

Nowadays, internet consultancy is more popular because of its easier access all over the world. The students sitting in their homes can avail the benefits of these training sessions after enrolling by the authority. Even working people can avail the benefits in their free time. So, if you just have an internet connection to your computer, getting trained in the business world is no more an impossible task. It is rather easier job with the institutes like thrive. No doubt, you will soon reach the number one slot in your business!

Thrive Learning Institute is an institute that runs specific programs for business students to provide them internet consulting and learning in order to create or boost their business profits.

Thrive Learning Institute Leads John to Success


I would like to say that it is a great program and I know it will turn out to be a great investment. The numbers will tell the story eventually.

I love the videos and benchmarks as well as the live webinars. The website proved to be more labor intensive than I thought and so I am not as far as long as I would like to be with all the training. It seems there is room for improvement in the builder - such as being able to more easily import the products into the pages.

For me though, the builder is a tremendous help to be able to build web pages without having to use code (html, etc.). The coaches are very knowledgeable, pleasant and most helpful. You have a great team!

I have been led step by step in completing the website. I take advantage of my time on the phone with the coaches and ask as many questions as I can think of in anticipation of getting to the next step after I complete the current step. Needless to say there would be no website without Thrive Learning Institute! Thanks Tyler.

Thank you,

Lynn and Bill Bring in $340 Last Week

Hello from Lynn and Bill,

We want to thank team 2A for all your help so far in our business progress with Thrive Learning Institute. Our computer skills are certainly a lot less than some, so our progress might be a little slower than some, but you have been encouraging and helpful in every discussion we have had with you. We are on the brink of finding our niche and with your help, we feel confident that within a very short period of time, we will be on our way to a successful business.

We knew nothing about e-bay when we began and have grown by leaps and bounds in that part of our business having a $340.00 week last week, just with things we had around the house. Yea. Thanks for all your training and help. We haven't even begun thinking about selling Thrive's websites !!! We see a very bright future and supplement to our retirement through Thrive Learning Institute and team 2A.

Thank You

Lynn Weddle and Willard Willems

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lowell Praises Thrive Learning Institute's Curriculum

Dear Thrive,

Thank you for your response and continued support. This is all new to me and I need all the help I can get. I have some answers to your questions.

I would like to commend the Thrive Institute for a very well thought out teaching program. When I was teaching at Midland College, I sat on the Curriculum Studies Board for the Occupational/Technical Division Courses for the Drafting Department. At the time, I was the Head of the Drafting/Reproduction Department for a major oil company and allowed to organize and write my own courses to teach.

Your Benchmarks are a well thought out, stepped, progressive series of studies that helps tremendously for newcomers like me. They immediately get the student thinking about Internet sales, product sources and the steps to use them to be successful. The Coaching is there like a teacher would be in a class ready to help and answer questions.

To date I have sold 15 items on eBay for $138.26 and have 9 more items in auctions now. I have received 11 positive feedbacks for these sold items so far. I know that is not much, but it is exciting for me.

One of the most positive changes for me is looking every day for different product sources as I go around my daily routes of inspecting. Local auctions, second hand stores, resale shops, garage sales and surplus stores catch my eye and make me think how I could make money off items there by selling them on the internet.

I know I have a long way to go, but a long journey begins with the first step!
Thanks again and have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.


Keith makes $7,000 on ebay!

Hello T.,
I am sorry that I have not written back to you until now. I am so busy trying to get the 1st web site up and going and with my normal job. Any how, I would recommend the system for anyone who wants to get rid of a great deal of stuff that is in the house, and garage. It really helps put things into the proper category and be able to move things fast. It helps you to go through different stages and be able to save some money, at the same time you are making money.

I have never dealt with EBay until I was introduced to it through the Jeff Paul Program. The bench marks and the videos are great. The team support is great and they do their job by pushing you to the next step. You need to have that when you have a very busy life, such as myself. When I first started with the eBay, I thought that it would be a fast money generator. It really took some research and some time in order to be able to rank your adds up at the top so every one see's yours first. But after a few adds, you get the hang of it.

Please keep in mind, once you start putting things on the listings, you have another job, a very demanding one. People want you to respond and respond fast to their questions on your items. So do not take it lightly... This is a serious thing to take on. I would say that with the training that I received from the Jeff Paul system, it made this much easier to do. But you have to put this as a top priority, other wise you will loose the sales.

Also you asked how much I have made....$ 7,000.00 roughly. I had a great deal of things that I could get rid of around the house. Not everyone will have the same stuff, so the amount that you can make will be different for every one.

I look forward to being able to meet Jeff and saying thank you when I tell him that I am making $100,000.00 or more per month. I look forward to that day. Thanks so much Team 3.

The web site program is great. It gives you all of the tools that you need to do the job. If you know nothing about the web, this will help you with all of the in's and out's. I can't wait till I get the program down, so that I can post web sites for a living instead of beating myself to death trying to make a dollar in the rat race. No one should have to do that, but that is life for now....For NOW.... Not later, thanks to the program.