Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kathy is Feeling Positive

In 9 sales on eBay I have made $249.29. My coach has really been valuable in helping me revise weak listings, giving me ideas and positive feedback which has been helpful in keeping me going.  I have learned not to try to oversell by using too many fee items on my listings, and to pay more attention to the shipping costs.  I have lost some money on a few items, nothing terribly expensive, and that is the best lesson of all. I have to think things through more carefully, and really listen to the coaches. I have sold mostly personal items that were left by my father, vintage fishing and hunting items, personal craft books I had collected, a couple of dropshipping items from Doba-women's accessories.  I am feeling much more positive now that I have made at least one really good sale.

Kathy J.

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