Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jerry Makes over $500!

9 eBay sales for $547.5. I realize now there is a lot more to selling on Ebay than some people would have you believe. Coaching help has been good, especially reviewing my listings and making recommendations. Success is all about presenting your product in the proper format.

From my ancient marketing courses I keep the four P's in mind. The right PRODUCT, Promotion, place and Price. Making sure I have all the costs factored into the pricing. It has been very easy for me to miss some of the costs incurred, especially on smaller items. Also you have to make sure the shipping method is adequate for your item and the cost is correct. I had to change in one instance from a priority small box to a medium. Price increase from 4.80 to 9.85, ouch! The listing templates are a great tool once you learn to use them. I had a difficult time with various aspects of this. Experience is a great teacher and I get better daily.

Don't get discouraged. Experiment with smaller items of little or no real value to yourself. Pay attention to details. Don't concentrate so much on the price as offering the customer a professional buying experience. The money will then come as a result of their efforts.Consumer electronics, tools ( power and hand), electrical items and safety items.

Jerry S.

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