Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thrive Coaches Make Learning Easy

My Coach walked me through set-up, which made it very easy. Viewing the related video was a great help also. Writing posts was not that difficult for me as
I love to write, but the research into the product I am featuring took
a lot more time than I expected. But, overall, I felt a lot more
confident when those basic tasks were completed.

Taking 'baby steps' made everything less overwhelming. On first
reading the complete list of things to accomplish, I was tempted to
throw up my hands and thought I might not be up to the task ahead.
However, focusing on one thing at a time made it all possible without
getting completely stressed. Sometimes I felt like I was being led
with a 'blindfold' on....which is a stressful thing for me. As I came
to know my team and followed their leading, without knowing every
little detail in advance, I learned to trust them and was less

I've always been a person who needs to know exactly where I'm going
and exactly what route to take and what I'm going to find when I get
there. A 'road map' isn't good enough. I usually take a 'test
drive'--just to see what I might encounter--well before the time I
need to make the actual trip.

So, my natural inclinations were my biggest obstacle. I couldn't
'see' far enough ahead. Anyone else just beginning their training
program should be encouraged by the fact that their team members
really do know what they're doing. They are ready and willing to make
the learning process as painless as possible. You are not just left
to 'sink or swim.' And they are generous with words of encouragement
and praise.

-Barbara C.

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