Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heather Makes $464 thanks to Thrive Learning Institute

Team 3D,

We have sold 6 items on Ebay!!! We bought 3 of the products off of ebay, like you told us to so we could build our feedback, for $68.40. We then turned around and sold those same items back on ebay for a HUGE profit (1 for $111.77, 1 for $130.00, and 1 for $135.00). We bought another product for $51.30 and turned around and sold it again for $87.00! So we are on our way thanks to you guys! I do find the benchmarks very helpful at times when I am lost and need to figure things out. Everyone is very helpful and keeps me motivated to keep moving along. Thanks for all of your help!

Thanks again,


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