Friday, June 5, 2009

Debra Is Ecstatic As She Gets Her First Sales With Thrive Learning Institute's Help

Hi Thrive Learning Institute and members of team 3b,
We must say that we are very quite impressed with the technical help and coaching techniques we receive from you and your team members. It is so pleasing to see that we sold an unlocked used sony ericsson walkman camera phone on the 1st day after listing it on ebay! Someone bought it for the buy it now feature which was $65.00, the profit was $ 31.00!! This was my 2nd listing on ebay since starting my business.

My 1st listing, an item from home, which was 5 energizer watch batteries was also sold on the same day as the phone, for $3.00 buy it now, making $0.60 profit!! This double sale increased our excitement and confirmed for us that what we are doing works. We have very little computer skills but the step by step approach and quick response from the coaches, make this business easy to become successful. We couldn't have done this without Thrive Learning Institute. Thanks!


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