Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Skeptical at First Mitch Strive's for Success With Thrive Learning Institute

I’ve been involved at different levels in small business ventures before but never from the Ecommerce side of things. My passion for business coupled with Jeff Paul's Coach's experience and knowledge base has enabled me to successfully set up an online business. I’m still in the early marketing phases of my site but have very high hopes based off of my interactions with Jeff Paul's Coach's from Thrive Learning Institute so far. I’ve needed quite a lot of hand holding through this process and the coaches and website technicians have performed beautifully guiding me through every step.

I can honestly say if I were to try this on my own it would have taken ten times as long. From the vantage point of someone nearing completion of this program and looking back on all the courses of action and little finicky processes I’m pretty confident I would have missed some or many of these on my own. Going beyond the instruction, they provide you with quite a few invaluable resources that enable you to research markets, do graphic design, and network with distributors.

I was very hesitant and quite skeptical about this program when first introduced. I felt like I was taking a major gamble with a lot of money on a company I didn’t know very much about. It seemed like another get rich quick internet scam. They were able to instill enough confidence in me that I made the leap and infused a relatively large financial investment into the program and I’m glad I did. I quickly learned it definitely was not a get rich quick scam, I’ve had to put some hard work into it and I don’t plan on getting rich from it.

My main goals were to supplement my income, which I’m working on, and gain the general knowledge of how to run an internet business, this I have accomplished. If you put enough work into it the coaches will not only keep you pointed in the right direction but they’ll work with you to build your business so it’s successful. Once you have them working alongside you all you need to do is put the effort in and you’ll have a business you can be proud of. Thank you Team 3B, I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put in on my behalf to ensure my success.


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