Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Angela Teams With Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

It was so nice to speak to Preston today. I filled him in on my progress so far, but Preston requested that I document it for all of you and that I try to get it to you today. Here it is, as promised.

I'll start by saying how pleased I am with Thrive Learning Institute and Team 2C's teaching and support. I know now that this is not something you venture into on your own. What I love most is that there's always someone there to reach out to for help; you don't wait long to get a response and you all care so much about the beginner's success. You have devised a program that is absolutely awesome. There's volumes to learn and some days I don't know how I'll get to learn it all, but in time I know I will.

After attending to all the steps to begin; namely, getting set up with selling on Ebay (I had already been a purchaser with excellent feedback); a premier account with Paypal, downloading the necessary tools, beginning with the assignments in Benchmarks on eLibrary (and what a great site that is----loaded with information and tools), I began listing with Ebay and Amazon. With the support of the 2C Team, I am working at fine-tuning the listings, which takes quite a bit of practice, trial and error. (Thanks, Preston, for your emails with plenty of excellent tips on improving my skills at listing, an enormous help.)

All my listings thus far are from many, many items in my apartment which I inherited from an estate. I am trying to list as many per day as time will permit, with the goal of making more and more improvements as I go along. I'm new at this, so sales have so far amounted to only about $125.00, but I am not discouraged by this as I keep focused on reaching my goals. Right now I am vigorously searching and researching for products to sell and find it to be a most time-consuming as well as challenging endeavor.

I don't know how you match a student with a coach, but you sure did pick a great one for me. I have no doubt all the coaches are wonderful.

All of you at Thrive do a fantastic job and I am so grateful to all of you. My heartfelt thanks!

Kudos to Jim for the wonderful coaching program he has put together, for his dedication, for his most informative newsletters filled with money-making tips, success stories and the great bonuses offered. It's almost impossible to keep up with it all.

With all best wishes,

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