Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Victoria Values Her Experience

My overall experience so far with the program and Team 2 has been great. I Always had prompt feedback although there were a few times when I got locked out of the site because the passwords were dumped in the process of updating. I learned useful tips in building a retail ecommerce store that I'll be able to use in other applications. Lightwave is NOT an easy, drag and drop web building application. If I hadn't had prior experience in building sites I may have thrown up my hands and walked away. This really needs to be made much more user friendly. It's nice to have tech support but nicer to be able to build it yourself. If I had a learning curve and have experience, the curve must be humongous for those with no background. My advice is don't assume you know how to do something and skip a step. All the steps make sense and you'll learn even though you may already know how something is done.


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