Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ebay Success in "...very few hours..."

As a total "newbie" to eBay, I was rather apprehensive about the whole thing--but after I had studied the Tutorials (many times on replay) I began to see that the whole world is out there waiting!

I listed 7 items and sold 2 of them within a very few hours -- the Just The Right Shoe Purse Display and and the JTRS Spiral Staircase. Both listed at auction and Buy Now for $100.00 each with free shipping, and the customers (2) jumped on them so fast I was amazed. Since the listing expired after the 7-day time frame, the lady who bought the Spiral Staircase loved it and has asked via email to purchase the second one I have and as soon as PayPal receives payment, it will be on its way to her. The lady who bought the Purse Display thanked me via email, and was so happy she had found another one (she has one and had searched for a very long time for another one.)

I am delighted that I had this positive experience; and they both said they gave me positive feedback!!!


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