Friday, May 29, 2009

Lynn and Bill Bring in $340 Last Week

Hello from Lynn and Bill,

We want to thank team 2A for all your help so far in our business progress with Thrive Learning Institute. Our computer skills are certainly a lot less than some, so our progress might be a little slower than some, but you have been encouraging and helpful in every discussion we have had with you. We are on the brink of finding our niche and with your help, we feel confident that within a very short period of time, we will be on our way to a successful business.

We knew nothing about e-bay when we began and have grown by leaps and bounds in that part of our business having a $340.00 week last week, just with things we had around the house. Yea. Thanks for all your training and help. We haven't even begun thinking about selling Thrive's websites !!! We see a very bright future and supplement to our retirement through Thrive Learning Institute and team 2A.

Thank You

Lynn Weddle and Willard Willems

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