Monday, August 17, 2009

Craig is Making Great Progress with Thrive Learning Institute

Thrive Learning Institute,

My name is Craig and I have made 2 sales on eBay for a total of $91! I was surprised how easy it was to find something my family wasn't using at the home and post it on eBay. The coaches provided GREAT critiques and feedback that I feel helped me stand out on the eBay listings. The major obstacle for me was understanding how I can take something from my home and sell it to someone else who would actually use it.

The videos about how many people use eBay, how much money exchanges hands on eBay, and so on were really eye opening for me. These first steps on eBay may seem trivial and like you really aren't getting too much accomplished. If you do them and follow through with what the coaches suggest and follow the advice and benchmarks thoroughly, you'll find yourself feeling accomplished even after these little efforts. Hang in there and be excited for what's to come.


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