Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Cuts Through The Nonsense

Dear Thrive Learning Institute

The coaches are excellent, the coaches on Team 2B were always helpful, always encouraging, always positive. Finding a supplier is huge. The most wonderful thing was finding a niche. I paid for this sort of coaching and training from another company nearly two years ago and they had me spend a couple of months examining my hobbies and interest, writing pages and pages and pages of lists of things that I liked and then doing web research that was not all that effective.

I never found a niche that I could find any products for at all, and they never ever had me check to see how much competition I'd have. You cut through all that nonsense, my coaches convinced me that my hobbies and interests were irrelevant, showed me how to find a niche with enough interest and not too much competition. Brilliant! It was all worth it. If I know how to do all that I can build another web site and another. If it takes six of them to reach my income goal, at least I'll be able to reach it.


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