Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cyndi Soars with Thrive Learning Institute

Dear Thrive Learning Institute,

Before coming to Thrive, I tried numerous 'own your own business' plans. Some were more successful than others, but nothing really worked well for me. Since beginning to work with Thrive about 18 months ago, I have learned much more about business in general, web business more specifically, than any of the other programs taught me. I now know more about marketing and product niches than before, and much more about keywords, tag lines, etc. than I ever even considered. My business is still small, but continues to grow. I have made over $1600 in gross sales since I began. I am hoping to achieve a steady income from my business, one that would supplement the income from my current job & potentially replace it down the line. I look forward to continue working with Thrive.


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