Monday, August 10, 2009

Mr. Harris Finds Success with Thrive Learning Institute

Thrive Learning Institute,

My name is W. Harris and I have sold 6 items on eBay for a total of $227.84. The coaches have done a very good job with my questions and their instructions and guidance has been very helpful. So far my experience with Ebay has been exciting and a very good learning experience. I need to sell smarter and learn and concentrate on selling ever increasing value items as well as the small items. We need to run more auctions and find more items to sell.

I feel that as I learn the system, I will become a smarter Ebay seller. In starting a new business you always will have obstacles, and when you figure them out, you will have a new set of obstacles. I am sure that the situations we have had to overcome will be different than the ones each other person will have to overcome, but what ever those are, try to keep focused and keep your eyes on the ball.

There is a lot of information to absorb and process, but ask a lot of questions and keep moving forward. Don't let yourself down. I would say to future students that there is a lot of information to learn to make this business work, but make sure you go through the benchmarks and study the system and it will work for you.

At first you will have some exciting moments and some not so exciting, but just hang in there and keep your motivation going and it will work for you. Do not give up or get discouraged because I really do believe the folks at Thrive know what they are doing. We are still young in the business, but I can see the future and you will get it, just don't give up. Don't let anything slow you down. Just keep listing the items and follow the leaders.

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