Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Michelle Learns to Sell and Thrive on eBay

Prior to this round of ebay selling I did not have a lot of success with ebay... The research background...helped open my eyes to ebay as a marketplace for products I had in inventory that were going nowhere. I [now] have a better understanding of ebay, my inventory and the value... The biggest obstacle is [the financial] investment to start and grow a business -- when you are strapped for money to begin with, investing more of what you don't have becomes extremely stressful. Lack of initial success. Theory is if you throw enough money at something it will eventually work. Reality is different. My returns were minimal compared to the amount I invested and by bills were getting bigger by the month. Vision is another obstacle -- keep your ambitions to the scale of your budget; and, stay focused. When you have an urgent need for cash there is a temptation to jump to the next best thing never completing what you originally started. Technical expertise -- I hate to count the money I wasted on arrogant web developer who overcharged and underdelivered for the services I procured. Either learn web skills or do a prepackage blog. You must have commitment or don't bother Focus! Focus! Focus! Get a clear picture in your mind of what you want to do before starting Realistically assess your financial status for investment in your business Explore your technical options to market your product/idea (website,blog) Research your marketing options thoroughly – READ! READ! READ! Beware of Consultants talking a good game on [the] phone w/ fine print contracts Buy lotsa Rolaids! Don't [lose] the faith!

Michelle D.

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