Monday, December 7, 2009

Thrive Teaches Kenny Strategies and Tips

[I had] 3 eBay sales for $186. My coach has helped me to understand more about postage costs. I was needing help with handling the possible difference in shipping costs posted in my listing in correlation to the actual shipping costs from the dropshipper. Tyler helped in the beginning by pointing out that my email address was a bit too out of the ordinary and that some sellers use gmail, so I got me a new gmail address. New Students: Keep your optimism strong while digesting all you can about strategy and procedures. A good idea or breakthrough could be just around the next corner. I have...sold a Dehydrator, corner sander, and two polo shirts. I have noticed that the wholesale prices are comparable to some of the retail prices, but I will eventually learn how to pull a good profit. As in everything, there are strategies and tips to be learned.

Kenny H.

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