Monday, December 7, 2009

Thrive Coaches Encouraged Paula

[I have made] 3 eBay sales for $82. My coaches have been very helpful and encouraging, I haven't really needed any one on one advice so far, but my weekly contact has helped me to stay focused. I have even managed to list and sell a couple of items that didn't seem to be very popular according to my research, but it just shows how far a strong listing can take you. I'm inclined to procrastinate and this has been by far the biggest obstacle. I'm working very long hours and am constantly tired, it's very tempting to just put it off until tomorrow, then I'm under pressure to complete the steps before my deadline. However I'm encouraged by the fact that all 3 items I have listed have sold. I've got the bug now, I have to find more items! Plus it's starting to feel like fun and not work which is a big plus. Future Students: Just do it! It's satisfying, interesting and a...sight easier than working for a living. I have sold a Nintendo Console for $40.00, An electric manicure kit for $24.00, and a black dress for $18.00. I'm very excited, it is becoming addictive, I'm constantly looking at things and thinking "Could I sell that at a profit?" It's taking over my life!

Paula O.

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