Monday, December 7, 2009

Bob and Sally Enjoy Working With Thrive Learning Institute

Bob and Sally made 2 sales for $626.42. “At the point of finishing our site where the homepage was built and all we basically needed was product pages and product, we had a lot of fun, Thrive couldn't have made this step any easier. It's like finally finding a new house you've been looking for, for months, and finally getting to move in. Adding product to your store is like adding furniture and such to your new house, putting things away and in their proper places so they can be found easily. The Reactive Team was great to work with, and because of their high standards, our site looks the way it does today. Our experience has been a lot of fun, very challenging and very stressful at times, and I know we've come out of our comfort zone a couple dozen times, but all in all without the coaching of each and everyone of you at Thrive we would have given up long ago. Thanks to all of you for being so patient and helpful. The marketing phase has been fun so far, as soon as our site review came through, our coaches were sending us the info needed to start marketing(you guys don't waste any time). There is a lot to do yet, and there is no doubt in our minds that our coaches will be there to keep us on track. There were many obstacles, only because Bob and I knew very little about navigating around on a computer. It's half the reason it's been so much fun, because of all the things we've learned. and we both spend hours on the computer and our site, tweaking things and moving things around, because we know how, and because we can. [Advice to future students] patients, patients, patients most of all don't give up! trust your coach and your instincts and do the best you can believe in yourself and don't lose sight of what you are after. And you will get there.”

Bob and Sally R.

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