Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thrive Makes eBay a Fun and Rewarding Experience For Cheryl

[I've made] 14 eBay sales for $81.80 Charity has been very supportive & helpful. She has offered many suggestions & always has a positive attitude. I have made some mistakes with my listings. I've learned that "Like New" isn't an acceptable phrase in a title. I've also learned that Classified Ads are expensive & not a good way to go. I listed an item that way by mistake & it was a costly error. New students just need to have patience. The program is a road map to success. All you need is time & patience. I feel very positive about Thrive & my coach. I know I wouldn't have had near the success with my listings without the training I've received. eBay is not for rookies!!! I have sold 2 Books & a coin. I am excited about selling on eBay. Ive had good success so far, & feel confident [that] my sales will grow with my experience. I have learned so much from my coach & from my lessons that eBay has become a fun & rewarding experience.

Cheryl K.

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