Saturday, November 21, 2009

Benny and Dianna Say Thrive Learning Institute is "Excellent"

How do you feel about your overall eBay experience and how have your coaches helped you through that process?

Excellent all the way around.

What obstacles have you overcome while learning how to make money on eBay?

Getting around on eBay & feeling comfortable with all that is required to list and sell an item.

What words of encouragement/suggestions do you have for future students that are about to go through the same process?

Go for it! Read your lessons but get in there & do it - it is fun & interesting. eBay & Pay Pal are also great & you have a lot of help.

What types of items have you been selling on eBay?

We sold a book but plan to sell several vintage golf clubs in the next two weeks.

Benny and Dianna

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