Sunday, November 22, 2009

Les and Dee Hit There Stride With Thrive

I have had 5 sales with a profit of $204. It has been a great learning experience. There is lot more to selling on eBay then just listing an item and sitting back and waiting for the auction to end. If it was that simple, everyone would be a millionaire. The coaching staff has been excellent. I you have a question they are there to answer it with rational that always makes sense. Team 2A is great!

Product selection and shipping cost have been a struggle. When we started we should have done a lot more research on what we want to sell. It's been trial and error but each time we are able to learn something new. Don't give up. There is a lot information to digest but if you maintain a positive attitude, work hard, and lesson to coaching staff then we truly believe that you can build a successful business. We are excited and look with great optimism to the future. I have been selling Barbie Dolls, Disney Watch, Little Rascals Dolls, Die Cast Cars, Bradford Exchange Porcelain Plates

Les and Dee

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