Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thrive Learning Institute Helps Michael Get 81 Sales

I have had 81 sales on eBay with a total profit of $1745.54. Team 2 was there to guide me through the learning experience. Answered questions as they came up. Offered their experience as a model or example of how it works for them. They have been very helpful! One big obstacle I have faced so far is finding out what items will sell while making sure they still are profitable. Making sure that customers are satisfied with their products and if not why, then trying to resolve issue. Customer Service! Learn as you go.

A word of advice I have is do not be afraid to try new things. Learn from your errors and make them a positive. (If at first you do not succeed try, try, again!) I have been selling Knives, Record Albums, Crystal Figurines, Handcuffs, Self Defense Spray eBay has worked for the most part except when I get negative feedback for no other reason than inexperienced buyers. No way to resolve this without a great deal of time. Time is money! Not really fair to honest hard working sellers to deal with hair trigger negative people.


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