Saturday, November 28, 2009

Terri Says Thrive Curriculum Works

My coach has been very helpful with tips on how to research things that I may want to sell. He has reviewed my ebay listings and given me suggestions to improve my listings. Made available tools that will help improve my listings on ebay. Research and lister software. Assisted in how to get ID verified. So I could change one of my offers to buy it now. Answers my questions to my satisfaction. Helped resolve any issues I may have. Discussed different websites that have items that I may want to sell on ebay, such as Well I have only sold 3 items. But I had one person that wanted to buy my item and made an offer immediately. I did not have the sell experience for that option so I had to get ID verified. However she did not want to wait for that so she made a bid, I ended it early and increased her invoice by the amount offered. It worked. Read the material and watch the videos, listen to your coach, contact them if you have questions or a problem and they will help you.

You will sell your first item on ebay and it will feel great. Coach Purse laptop with no hard drive 2 salad/dessert stoneware dishes I feel that to get started is more set up work than I expected. I've been told that working 10-15 hours would earn me the extra income that I am looking for however it takes far more time to learn, research, list, sell and ship than 10-15 hours a week. Maybe once I have become more familiar and have set up my procedures, 10-15 hours will be enough.


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