Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Susan Succeds After Following Thrive's Simple Steps

I feel like there was a lot more involved in putting together and promoting this website that I previously had learned in the past but I have enjoyed the work and will continue these steps in building other affiliate sites. I think I need to build next around the different niches within my main galleria website. My biggest obstacle is always time and money.

The bulk of my work is done on the weekends and I always put off spending money but finally started my adwords campaign this week. After going through the steps though, I think I can learn to "batch" these tasks better in the future and get more done in the week. There are so many schemes to get rich that hit everyone's email box but they need to know that no matter what internet business they try if there is not real work involved, there will probably be no gain involved either. You have to focus on the steps given to you. I was lucky because I had already learned some of the steps so it was not totally new but I have learned a lot more. These lessons can be applied to any internet business.

Susan L.

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