Sunday, November 29, 2009

Java Asks As Many Questions As Possible And Thrive Learning Institute Answers

My experience with building [my website] has been incredibly easy with Nate's and Team 2A continuous help. I did not have any previous experience with building a website or creating a blog, however, through clear communication, plenty of patience and expertise, I have learned so much in such little time. Today marks the beginning of week 3 and I feel at complete ease making decisions and researching online on how to grow and attract viewers. In addition, the program has introduced me to so many bloggers who are in the same field interest as myself and with the affiliate step program, I'm able to stay on a the right track.

My obstacle was the lack of experience and knowledge of blogging. John from Team 2A was very patient to guide me step by step on how to search on adwords, become an Amazon associate, and how to make detail changes on my blog. My suggestion for future students is to be as proactive as possible during the 10 week program. The time goes by very quickly and if you are using the program as a part time job, you must have a schedule which you can stick. So, time management is key. Ask as many questions as possible, even if it seems mundane and silly. The team assisting you is an immense help to your progress. Also, choose topics that you have a lot of interest and passion for and which you would like learn from.


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