Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rhea Thanks Thrive For Thorough Curriculum

My name is Rhea and I have had 3 sales with a profit of $27. My coach has been very helpful in the marketing of the products and understanding how eBay works It has been a long time since I attended school and learning a new topic at my almost young age was a little intense at times. I have been frustrated with the amount of information provided and sometimes overwhelmed, but following each step has set me for success.

I look at unused and new items differently and I am learning what would sell on eBay. I have not been a big online shopper, so overcoming my bias to that was a small obstacle. When you feel the information is too much, walk away for a moment, get a tea or coffee or water; do another chore, fix some lunch, whatever, just something different than the lesson or eBay or anything on the computer. After a few moments you will look at an object in your environment and wonder if it would sell on eBay, and how much you could get for it. That is the time to go back to studies, you are now ready to absorb more information. Don't give up in the early stages, it is a lot of information, but it will start making sense as you follow the lessons.

When you have listed something, do not get frustrated if it doesn't sell. It is easy to get excited when you look at the number of people who have visited your listing and the number of people who may be watching the at closing it doesn't sell. This event can easily deflate your desire to proceed. Call your coach, discuss if there is anything to improve the listing, lower the price etc.

Re list the item, dive in an list a couple more and by the next closing, most if not all your listings will sell. I have been selling Family game and a Nintendo video game. It is a little overwhelming at first. The regulations and processes that eBay has developed to protect the buyer and seller are extensive and pretty thorough. Reading all the policies and procedures is a daunting task. Thank goodness for the summaries and step by step provided by Thrive's lessons and coaches.

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